We have a kitten in the office today...

  1. ...and she is just the cutest thing. Tiny little girl only 6 weeks old. She'll be with us all day today (no work getting done by me today!!).

    Too bad we don't have a permanent resident pet.
  2. awww pets should be encouraged in the workplace! hehe
    Respecting other peoples wishes and alergies of course. :smile:
  3. i would love to have my chloe running around my office all day while i work :tup: it woudl make my day sooooo much more pleasant :rolleyes:
  4. :tup:
  5. I get to bring my chi into work twice a week. I swear I work better when she is around.
  6. I work in a bank that is inside of a grocery store and I saw this lady walk by the bank with the cutest little dog. He was a small yellow fluff ball. It was too cute and it totally made my day. lol.