We had a Break-UP and She/He Stole MY LV!!!!

  1. Really, this happens more than some would admit, but after a break up, luxury items somehow mysteriously disappear.

    I had a Mono Cig Case. After break up, she refused to return it.

    I had a Epi name card holder. After break up, another ex refused to return it.

    I had a Epi Agenda (Large). Again, it disappeared two days after break up, with all my notes and all.

    Same thing with my Tiffany and Co. jewelry (yeah, I like rings and bracelets) and several Mont Blanc pens. They flat out took it and didn't return it.

    On a happier note, I did swipe an ex's Keepall 45....but that's cause she wouldn't return my brand new cell phone. So I figure that's an even exchange.

    I suck at dating.:throwup:
  2. next time, make sure your on the verge of marriage before you introduce your LV collection :lol:
  3. :sad: ive kind of had that happen... an EX friend stole my petit bucket, diesel shoes, and versace sunglasses from me!!!! well, i let her borrow them and she never returned them, and then she moved:hysteric:

    lets go find them together and take all of our things back. lol
  4. I made sure I took all my bags when I left my ex...those were the first things in the car!! He definitely would've stole them from me just to be spiteful!
  5. I bet if my husband and I split he would not DARE try to take any of my bags.... he knows better! We have been together for 11 years, so I don't think he is going anywhere ;) Unless I spend more money on more bags before the new year! LOL!
  6. oh no! I'm sorry that happened! :wtf:
  7. i would never share what im not willing to give away :shame: i had an ex that sponged off me and took over 10,000 of hard earned monies (back in the days mc.donald savings from working there four years). and when i asked him for it back he said ' why? its my hard earned money' the only thing i could do was grumble 'hard earned off of me' :sad: and that was the end of that.
  8. wow. More stealing LV cases. People are so mean nowaday.
  9. another reason why i prefer to remain single :yes:
  10. ^
    Hahaha, clever. =P

    I would go to the police, especially if it was an ex I never wanted to see again (which it would be if it was a stealing one. ):tdown:
  11. what's with all the theft! it seems like we had 3 different posts in the past 24 hours! people, protect your stuff!
  12. this is awk, why would someone feel the need to kidnap so many of your things.
  13. If someone (well a friend or SO) stole something from me, I say GOOD RIDDANCE! I mean figure it this way, it only cost a LV to get rid of them forever!!! Personally (depending on the bag, and even the person) if someone stole a cardholder, mono pochette, or cles (all under 300) I'd say it was a BARGAIN. And anything else might hurt a little but so much better in the long run!:p
  14. My Ex and I broke up recently. I took EVERYTHING back off of him, all the bday presents i ever bought him, and ive kept the wallet i had bought him for xmas this year. He used all of my LV boxes as storage, so i took those too. I took back books i bought him and sent him a comprehensive list of all the monies i could think of that id ever spent on him. Dinners, drinks in bars and our holiday.

    I had suspicions there was another person involved in our break up, so i want to crush him financially. I cleaned my loo with his toothbrush and his favourite calvin cleins are now pinned up in my study ripped to shreds. I look at them and think.......thank the lord im single! My mates came round and told me they will never upset me, as they think im a little psycho!

    I think i was just being fair...... lol!
  15. I won't take anything from my bf if we break up (in the future- but hopefully not) and I know he won't take anything from me either.