We had a break-in and they stole my LV!

  1. just this wednesday, i got home to find out we had a break in..i was sooo scared and devastated!! they stole my FIRST, ONE AND ONLY LV- my Papillon 30 and the accessory pouch. they also stole my mom's boulogne, along with my jewelries and new camera, a laptop and cellphone. the cam and papillon were just bought last september. now all i have is the paperbag! :sweatdrop:
  2. i want to buy a new LV.. i was thinking of the mini pochette to satisfy my craving or just saving up and buying a speedy 30 next year or manhattan gm later on.. im on a budget as u know, because of what happened but having an LV is like 50% necessity and 50% splurge.
  3. ~Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO, so sorry to hear that....I'm glad at least you guys weren't at home during this home evasion:sweatdrop:if you have home insurance, maybe they may reimbursed:yes:to think it's your 1st LV-that's so terrible:crybaby:~
  4. oh my gosh...this is the second post about stolen bags! what is happening to the world? I'm terribly sorry this happened to yoU!
  5. OMG you poor thing.....people these days... *hugs*
  6. The economy must be worse off than anyone realizes...that's such an awful thing to have happened, but thank goodness you and your family weren't at home during the invasion. LVs and other goods can be replaced.
  7. Oh My gosh!!! What's wrong with those ppl! It's thanksgiving week..I just got all of my LV stolen as well. I understand your feeling. It's awful isn't it? I couldn't sleep all night thinking about where all my babies are. I am so sorry. It's your first too????? :crybaby:You should file a claim through the insurance. That's what all the lovely TPF member told me. I'm so glad there's someone to guide us. Wish you the best.
  8. insurance?
    replacement value?
    I hope you are covered & am glad no one was there.
    It is an unsettling feeling having had someone in your place.

    Good luck.
  9. OMG, this seems to be the trend lately! *big hug* I cannot believe that people would do something like this...

    I do have my collection insured just incase this would happen to me, gosh I am SOOO SORRY!!
  10. (((HUGS))) I'm so sorry this happened to you!!! How crazy...there are two posts about stolen LV's today! I've also been a victim of break-in & theft and I can tell you that you will get past this horrible feeling.

    The police explained to me that many theft situations are just random acts...just criminals looking for easy opportunities. Sometimes it doesn't take more than a slightly open window to encourage a vagrant passing by to come into a person's home & burglarize it. Really & truly, this can and does happen to anybody. Also, it's a fact that the holiday season is when the criminals really step up their shady activities.

    I hope you know that you're not alone; many people have experienced what you're going through & understand exactly what it's like. Also, I hope you feel better soon & that you can replace your much-loved LV.
  11. oh no! another one. so sorry this happened. at least you're safe, right? hugs!
  12. What the hell is going on?!? Two in a row. I'm so sorry to hear this. I know when my home got robbed about 10 years ago they stole approx. 20 grand worth of jewelry from me (nothing else..I still think it was someone who knew me) and the house insurance only gave me back 2 grand...but I guess something is better than nothing. Again, I'm sorry to hear this. ugh
  13. Ugh, not another one!
    People nowadays have no shame, Is hope they get what's coming to them many times over. :cursing:
  14. another tPFer had their LV stolen? this is crazy, what is the world coming to? i am so sorry sweetie! *hugs*
  15. Everyone hide your papillions, both people that had them stolen were papillions!! :sad::sad: I'm so sorry about your loss.