We got our daughter's ears pierced

  1. We finally decided to get our daughters ears pierced and she did awesome. I put her little crown on to get her all excited for the event and she seemed confident hopping onto the chair. Being the little diva that she is, she grabbed some faux pearls to hold onto while sitting down.


    The lady doing the piercing was very good and quick and it was over before she knew it. She said "ouch" when she got pierced and cried for about 20 seconds max and then was ready to pose and show off her new earrings when I pointed the camera at her.


    She's a few months shy of 2 yrs but she has not tried to touch them at all and her ears seem to be healing nicely so that is a big relief. I'm just so happy for her as she is our only daughter and it's tradition in our family to get our daughter's ears pierced.
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  2. What a beautiful little girl!

    Glad that she took it well. We decided to wait to pierce our daughter's ears, if we do it at all :smile: Did she say she wanted them? I think they look great!
  3. So adorable! Congrats to your daughter!
  4. She looks soooo cute!
  5. Thanks!

    Lamiastella, she had not asked but I wanted it done before she could remember too much about it and realize it's on her ears. That way she won't play with it too much.

    RG, I got the 14K gold balls like you mentioned. We saw the CZ diamond looking ones but the sales person said they were not real gold so it could possibly get infected so we went with the simple gold balls.
  6. lovely story and she sure looks like a princess!
  7. Awwww she is so beautiful!
    I wish I was that age again:rolleyes:

  8. She's so cute!
  9. disney4 us...your DD is so pretty! She didnt touch her ears at all? Tts great! My DD is 3yo & I'm contemplating to have her ears pierced...but she's a bit a of a fidget'er...sigh...shld have got em done when she was a few mths old. Shld i wait for her to ask? I've asked her ...'you wanna wear earrings? just like mama? (pointing to mine)...' she said 'NO! I don wan!'...sighhhh
  10. Thanks everyone!

    listrikmu, it'll be a few more months before she turns 2 so she did not know how to ask about earrings or really know what they are yet. So when she got on the seat, she had no idea exactly what was going on. She said ouch when she got pierced and cried a little and then smiled for the camera when I pointed out her earrings to her. They gave her a lollipop which she never gets from us and she totally forgot what happened. At this point she doesn't even realize she has earrings on. I guess out of sight out of mind. At 3 yrs your daughter might be more conscious of it but perhaps if she is easily distracted you can make her forget about her earrings with a new toy.
  11. She is so cuteeeee. I got my daughter's ear pierced when she was 2 weeks old. She did not even moved, I was told it was less painful since the cartilage is very soft and gets harder with age wich makes sense to me.
  12. Aww, she's adorable! I had my ears pierced when I was ten months old, and I didn't react at all.

    My sister, however, had them pierced at the doctor's when she was five, and she kicked him in the stomach. :push:
  13. disney thanks! yeah... mbe I'll try tt... distract her w a new toy...
  14. disney- make sure you don't change the earrings for at least two months. I have 2 DD's and have stories about both. BTW- she is stunning...
  15. I got my baby's done just after her first shots. I figured getting her ears pierced couldn't hurt her more than that.