We Got A Wedding Invitation on a CD

  1. Yesterday I was shocked to find in my mail a CD! It turns out to be an invitation to a wedding. Is this the new way to invite guests? I'd never heard of it before.
  2. thats soo cool. did you like the idea?
  3. Thats interesting and different. Did you like it? What was it like?
  4. Well thats the first Ive heard of that! Its definetly a unique idea, but not sure Im that keen on it.

    I love paper invitations, especially ones with beautiful lace and unique prints and clearly alot of effort thats gone into them. I keep alot of wedding invites I recieve.

    But thats just my opinion.:whistle:
  5. Never got a wedding invitation on a cd, but I remember we got an e-vite to a wedding, they had all the wedding information on their website.

    Both my siblings and spouses sent out their "wedding album" after their respective weddings on a cd-rom. It was very well done. We copied the pics onto our hard drive and ran them through for a screensaver / slideshow.
  6. While I am all for techy stuff, I think it can backfire when it comes to things like wedding invitations. My dad received an invitation a couple of weeks ago, and the reply card only had a website on it for him to send his reply. There was no phone number included in the invitation. My dad is 67 years old, and has never used a computer in his life. I'm sure many people receiving invites from this particular couple are not computer literate. People should be aware of who their audience is before sending out these kinds of invitations.
  7. How interesting!!!! You could even have music playing with the invite scrolling across the screen! Too cool!
  8. I like the old fashioned invitations better.
  9. While I LOVE technology and how it can change your life - I'm not sure how I feel about a CD invite for a wedding?

    I think I would still like a regular paper invitation and perhaps get a CD after the wedding with a bunch of pictures on it as a nice remembrance!

    BTW, I love snail mail and try to make a point to drop postcards or whatever to all my friends whenever I get a chance. It is so fun getting something unexpected in the mailbox!
  10. I think that's a great idea!!! You could get ALL the info that's needed about the wedding and more onto a CD.

    But I would hate to think how much a place would charge for that. If I really wanted something like that I would probably just do it myself. :p

    I agree with what someone said about older generation wedding guests maybe having trouble with the functionality of a CD invitation.
  11. I'm not wild about the idea. It can be a hardship on the recipient. What if they don't have a computer? What if they have trouble getting the CD to play? Why is a CD even necessary? I think paper invitations are much more appropriate.

    And don't even get me started on people who do evites for weddings.......
  12. Wow! V high tech! Im not sure if its a new way but its cool!
  13. That's pretty cool but honestly, give me paper and ribbons anyday.
  14. I think it's awesome! Very unique. What exactly is on the CD? Is there music, a photo slide show...?
  15. Although I would probably prefer paper more, that's really unique and sure to have people remember a wedding!