We got a new puppy tonight!!

  1. [​IMG]

    We got a baby girl Shih Tzu, she hasn't got a name yet, though we are tossing around

    Lilly, Lilo, and Daisy so far, her brother is really excited Grayson is better than I thought he would be and of course my 2 cats are watching from afar!

    Got any good girl names for us?
  2. Too Cute!!! I like Lilly, I think that type of name sounds pleasing to the doggie. Congrats on a new addition!!
  3. Congratulations on your beautiful little daughter!
  4. Congrats! She's a cutie!
  5. Adorable!!!!!!!! I like Lilly too! :yes:
  6. cute!
    i love shiz tzus. my mum got one a year ago and he is the cutest, smartest and most affectionate dog ever.
  7. Lily is cute. And what about Lilu?
  8. I'm up for suggestions, she is still nameless, just "puppy" for now! she needs a name
  9. oh, she's gorgeous! how old is she?

    i think lily is a cute name!
  10. Aww too cute.
  11. she is 10 weeks she wasn't planned it just happened!!dh had a fit for her and how could I say no?? Look at that face!!
  12. What a face!!! I just want to hug her! Now on to training a new puppy--have fun. At least she's small. Our 75# "puppy" was never trained and it's a much bigger challenge lol.
  13. I am hoping she will follow her brothers lead! I just got out of the chewing stage and dang were back in it again!! hide the cords!lol
  14. I really like the name Lilly! She looks like a Lilly, too!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is absolutely adorable!

    I think Lilly is cute! "Shaina" means "beautiful one." (My beautiful Border Collie had that name.) I also like "Treasure" as a name.