We got a live one!

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  1. Mail lady just came and have been waiting this beauty! 7days exactly from japan!! :smile:
  2. Here we go!!
  3. :popcorn:
  4. There she is all snug :smile:

    I cant wait!
  5. let me see! :woohoo:
  6. Any guesses now?

    Any takers??
    image-1291868948.jpg image-1441037092.jpg
  7. Yea! A live one!
  8. This definitly goves it away!! LOL
  9. Say hello to my New To Me Pomme ZCP :yahoo:

    Omg this piece is TDF!! I love it! :smile:
    image-1912980902.jpg image-1525340538.jpg image-200578209.jpg
  10. woohoo congrats congrats!!!!!!!!!!! she's a beauty!!
  11. Congrats mi amiga! I know you were waiting on it forever! Let me know how useful it is, I may just join you again! :drinkup:
  12. Cuuute, congrats!
  13. love the pomme d'amour!
    gorgeous find!
  14. She fits all my cards i carry! Wow

    I love it :smile: it seems so hand and havent "used" her totally yet! :smile:
    Only if she held a check book!! LMAO
  15. Soo pretty! I want a pomme d'amour piece!