We can brag on here, right? Discovered the Fendi Selleria

  1. Would you believe me if I told you I got this for $450 while shopping today at Barney's? (I think it was a total fluke/chance event/return). Its a shame how dull and dead it looks on eluxury, so I wanted to share it with you for what it really looks like; ever so slightly metallic...Im overly excited because I really never planned on owning a Fendi or any designer brand for that matter. Plus Im such a sale queen. It may be a bit safe for some of you, but I think it'll be pretty timeless too, which really are the best items to splurge on.

    eLUXURY - Fendi - Selleria Leather Linda Bag
    bak.jpg buc.jpg int.jpg tag.jpg IMG_2083.JPG
  2. Wow! That is an amazing price! Congrats on such a beautiful bag
  3. That rocks that you got that gorgeous bag on sale! It's very beautiful and yes, totally timeless...congrats x1,000!!
  4. (Pats Viba on the back) Good show, mate! Good show indeed!
  5. WOW! Was that the only one they had? That's a huuuuuuuge price difference. I love this bag too. I remember wanting it a while back. Beautiful!
  6. What a steal! Congratulations!!!
  7. congratulations! what a steal! i would have died if i found a deal like that!
  8. Congrats!
  9. I think the selleria range is gorgeous. I have one in another design and I so love it.
  10. I am curious about the other bags in the line...do you have any pictures or links of them?
  11. Congrats, and welcome to the Fendi-owners club!

    She's a beauty, and I really do enjoy that line! Enjoy!
  12. my mother is highly impresed!she loves this bag! now she swants to got to Barneys! lol! CONGRATS!
  13. That is an unbelieveable price! It retails for like over $2000! Good job!
  14. Congrats!! :wlae: I'm so jealous I can NEVER find such great deals. That is a very classy bag, wear her with pride!! :yahoo:
  15. I love it! Congratulations!:yahoo: