we booked our honeymoon!!!

  1. Me and the boyf (fiance really but hate that word) are getting married ln the 9th of August and we just booked our honeymoon! I wanted to go to Capri and the hotel we were looking at was the Quisisana but it had bad reviews (basically said it was full of local mafia being boorish around the pool) and we decided as we are young we probably wouldn't be comfortable there! We thought about the Caribbean, Indian Ocean etc but August is not the best time to go, so we found this: www.bluepalace.gr it is in Crete and you can get a boat to Santorini for the day and is opposite Spinalonga the leper colony. I know Crete is not the most exotic place to go on honeymoon but the place looked amazing! It is costing a lot of money (more than we have ever spent before but we hope it will be worth it) we have a room with an infinity pool which should be nice. We go on the 14th which is a few days after the wedding, has anyone else done that? Is there a total anti climax? Also, has anyone else been to this hotel? Would love to hear if you have! :flowers:
  2. Congratulations!!!

    We went to our honeymoon 3 days after the actual wedding because a lot of friends from abroad visited for the wedding and we wanted to spent a few days with them. So it's not so uncommon after all!!!

    I've never been in Crete and it is one of my dreams, actually! My husband's Great grand father was from Crete originally! The food is excellent and the people of Crete the best!
    We spent our summers in Santorini the last 5-6 years. You'll love both Crete and Santorini!!!

    The Blue Palace is an excellent choice!!!:tup::tup::tup:

    Have a great time!!
  3. wow, it looks beautiful! congratulations!
  4. It will be beautiful. Congratulations to you both!
  5. this looks amazing, please post pics once you return, congrats!