We became homeless because of Chanel!!!!*long post

  1. Yes we really became homeless because of Chanel. Over the thanksgiving (Canada) / Columbus(US) weekend, Chanel Princess and I flew to NYC for a shopping trip (to take advantage of the US/CDN dollar parity).

    We went on a 4day 3 night trip. The first night we did nothing because by the time we got to NYC it was 8 so we just stayed at my cousin's house. The second day, we went to Woodbury Commons Outlet. I didn't get much, but Chanel Princess brought a few items from theory and the off fifth. Oh right, the Chanel outlet (i believe they just got a shipment), they had a lot of things but nth seems to interest us. There were a pair of turquoise and a pair of pinks crystal CC studs. But we liked the white ones more. Anyone, the 3rd day, we spend at manhattan. The first thing i brought was my second chanel piece (a GST with Silver HW). I had to get it because Can just got a price increase and I opened a Saks card to get their 10% off. So I actually saved 700 dollars by buying it in the states :graucho: Anyway, Chanel Princess was taking long to decide if she want to get her chanel. so we left and shopped around at other places. Around 8 at night, we finally went back to bloomies. Chanel Princess couldn't decide if she want a flap or a mini flap so she went to look at shoes first. She found the uggs that she want :tup: and opened a credit card to take advantage of the 15% off (one day thing at bloomies). BUT by the time she went back to chanel it was closed :crybaby:

    We thought it was over, so we went back home and got to the la guardia airport. After saying bye to my cousin, we checked in our luggage and went through the security waiting for our plane. While we were waiting, me and chanel princess started talking about chanel and how she couldn't buy her bag. Out of the blue, we really wanted to leave the airport and finish our shopping.

    So...(which i'm very guilty of) I went to the counter lady by the gate, I told her that if i want to change my flight can i do that? she said no because she couldn't take our luggage out and the luggage cannot leave without us. Anyway, after I told the lady that my friend got into an accident so we have to go. (it was very bad of me but...) so finally she called and ask to let go our luggage

    When we got our luggage, we headed back to manhattan to bloomies. We stayed there for a while, not because we couldn't make a decision but because there was a miscommunication because the SA and chanel princess. The SA called the card center for bloomies and the card center guy told chanel princess that she was only give a 200 dollars LIMIT! crazyy!:cursing: so he told her that if she want to buy a purse she can use the 15% but the rest she have to pay in cash or cheques, not using another VISA card. We were depressed at this time because we don't got so much cash on us. so we spend hours trying to get cash.... called CC co for cash advance but didn't work b/c we didnt' know our pin and bank was closed, tried for money exchange but none can be found:crybaby:.

    we finally went back to chanel and another lovely SA, nell was there b/c the other SA who was helping us left, he actually stayed after hours to help us..but i guess he left because he thought we werent' going back (his name is seth). chanel princess planned to get the timeless cluth b/c that's what we have the money for. After talkng a while, Nell for some reason said he made a mistake and we can pay with Visa.. anyone to make a long story short, we got the bag, she got a small/med flap and a reissue cc holder, of course i wnat to take advantage of the 15% so i got a reissue cc holder with patent leather too =]

    Anything, by the time we were ready to leave, it was around 9, we missed our 8:30 flight (the flight we planned to be on). anyway, by the time we got to the airport it was 11. When we got there, all the counters were closed, so we asked around and found out that all flights were cancelled b/c of the thunderstorm.

    What happen now?
    we slept in the airport waiting for the next flight in the morning. There was a guy in the airport giving out blankets so we were all over the airport trying to find him, after we found someone to call him to give us blanket. So, we used the blankets and made ourselves comfortably sleeping on the hard floor.

    We actually find this being homeless situation pretty amusing :roflmfao:

    *pictures to follow later (chanel princess will post them up)*

    sorry for the long post hehe
  2. You had one adventure there, missy! :p
  3. Yikes. That's obsession! :yes:

    How did you get back into Canada? Did you declare your purchases? What did you do with the big Chanel boxes that comes with the bags... leave them behind?

    Very interesting story!
  4. Wow, that's quite a story! And after all that, I'm glad you girls got some Chanel.
  5. LOL...what girls would do for BAGS!!!

    Congrats to both of you on your new Chanels! How was clearing customs with all the goodies? :graucho:
  6. WOW! FUN!~ This must be one unforgettable shopping experience.:supacool:
  7. Here are pictures of us at the airport :p
    No matter what, we had to keep our Chanel's NEAR us! Because they are more important than anything :woohoo:
    sleepingonfloor.JPG underneathblanket.JPG blanketandchanel.JPG
  8. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    This sounds more like a fun adventurous experience to me. Congratz on your great deal and new Chanel finds!!!!
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  9. Fun pics. You two are cute gals! ;)
  10. oh wow, i don't venture here but saw the title.. so catchy and a great story to tell the grandkids in years...lol.. what we do for bags...hehe
  11. And of course, our babies:
    LOL I cannot believe we each bought two Chanel bags in less than one month!! :sweatdrop:
    I fell in love with the flap and was SO happy I was able to purchase mine!! Almost 1000 less than shopaholiccat's! :tup: But her's is a bigger size of course! :rolleyes: Thank you so much to the SA at Bloomingdales! (Nel) Without him, my leaving the boarding gate would have been in vain! (OMG Both the SA at Bloomies knows about our story of leaving the airport just to go back and buy Chanel!)
    :girlsigh: Such a beautiful tree!
  12. ^^ LOL! You can say that again!
  13. theaiporttake1.JPG
    This was us Tuesday morning. When we THOUGHT we were going back to Toronto!
    This was nighttime, when we finally reached the airport again (around 11pm) and people were getting comfy in their blankets.
    Note: Those little lumps on the floor are PEOPLE! :lol:
  14. Jayne1 and Karman: Of course we didn't declare customs :smile: Clearing it was actually VERY easy (considering we each spent more than 2k. shopaholiccat declared 210 and I declared 240. We weren't actually even asked any question on what we spent! We were both using our new Chanel bags and shopaholiccat had my new LV bandeau tied around her bag cause I wanted to keep my LV box. I was so scared though since I had an asian lady and I was worried that she might know that I was carrying an expensive bag!
    Unfortunately, we did have to throw out our boxes! I didn't even get to touch my box cause the SA knew we were going to head to the airport right after so he helped me throw out my box. :sad: So sad! But I guess it was worth it cause I saved a ton on that flap!

  15. too funny! congrats on your bags!