'We are registred at...' cards with wedding invites = TACKY


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Jul 5, 2007
Some people work for these gifts. It is rediculous. I had a good friend totally disapear out of my life. No call, no explanation, nothing. a year and a half later I receive a broken bottle of lotion and used cuticle cream from her for my bd. Then about 3 weeks after that I receive the wedding inivitation and bridal shower invitation on the same day. Both had the registries printed on the invitations and on a card that fell out. I guess incase I needed a copy for my wallet. I never replied I was soooooo pissed. I just received a invite to the baby shower with registry again. Ugg!


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Aug 20, 2006
Alberta, Canada
I don't think every bride just wants money or gifts. For Vlad and I we really do not *need* anything. I am still registering for some nicer kitchenware but that is about it. We have a house full of things already. Now even if I didn't register I am sure I would still get many gifts - and many of them would give money.

I think most people going to a wedding expect and WANT to give a gift - because typically it is for a family starting off, ya know?
I totally agree with this - who would go to a wedding and NOT bring a gift (and then the regisrty helps to find this gift.)

I just think the card in the envelope is the tacky thing - not actually having a registry or 'wanting' gifts.