We are probably S.O.L, but is there anything we can do?!

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  1. Rarrr... Mother doesn't always know best!!! She placed a phone order for products for her business for $250. The "company" wanted a COD upon delivery... She of course runs to the bank and get a cashiers check.

    The package arrived today and guess what??? Not the right products, not even close!!! We went to the bank to see if anything could be done & they said to contact the UPS. Well UPS can't do anything either!!! Now what? Are we, or should I say- Is she S.O.L?!
  2. Why can't she just contact the company she ordered the products from and see if they can exchange for the correct prodcuts. What company was it?
  3. We believe it was deliberately done... She tried calling and they just took her info & said someone would get back to her. Her friend, who is also in the same business, also ordered the same day & rec'd the same crap! The business is "B & K Accessories" out of Tarzana, CA...
  4. Doesn't COD mean she gives them the money when the products arrive? If the products weren't right, refuse them and don't hand over any money.
  5. Call them again and tell them if they don't get your order right, you will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint. If that doesn't work, tell them you're contacting the police for fraud. That should light a fire under them.
  6. I agree...contact the company, ask to speak to a manager, fax a letter, send a certified letter, contact the BBB, etc. In the correspondence, outline the steps that you are going to take to make sure that your situation is resolved to your satisfaction. It may be a headache, but I am sure that once they figure out that you aren't going away, they will fix it!
  7. Thanks guys! I am definitely going to help her contact the BBB & file a police report in that city. Our local police department said they couldn't help & we would have to file a civil suit...

    *I don't think the delivery carrier lets you open & verify your items before they leave with your $$ -or- do they?!
  8. I don't see why they wouldn't. I wouldn't have handed over 250 bucks unless I knew what was in the box I was getting. I'm sure they have some tape in their truck :smile:
  9. Yes they will let you open it and verify the contents before you sign for it, I have to this at work all the time.
  10. Thanks! It did work... I also looked them up on BBB (http://www.la.bbb.org/BusinessReport.aspx?CompanyID=100055605) and of course their business rating is an F and had lots of complaints that were all unanswered!! Can't they shut businesses down for this type of shady stuff??
  11. Charles & lmk- Thanks for the tip! I had no idea that they would let you do that! I will make sure that she knows...
  12. I would raise h#ll with UPS. They are participating in this scam. By now they've had several complaints. Go to their office & take your order showing what you received & what you actually ordered. Print off information you find about this company running a scam.
    We have customers that want to only do COD's & it takes at least 2 weeks for us to get the check.
    Contact the attorney general for your state & complain about UPS too.
  13. Hmmm... Thanks! That's a good point! I should talk to them again to see if they can stop that check with the BBB report in hand.
  14. Sorry I sound bossy. lol Not a big fan of UPS.
    This kind of BS some businesses pull makes me so mad.
    My DH jokes that I have a manual on who to complain to for every problem.
    The squeeky wheel gets the grease!