WE ARE OUTTA HERE!!!!LOL...The Jills are hitting PARIS!

  1. The two JILLS (Me and JILLYBEAN!)of the PF are hitting PARIS,FRANCE TOMORROW!!:nuts:

    Poor PHH...you may all send him sympathy cards now....ROFL.:graucho:
    Well be back on the PF Late Monday or Tuesday..with all our shopping..OK..and sightseeing..... stories for ya!
    LOves ya all!:heart:

    yes..I havent packed yet...chronic procrastinator in me...EEK!
  2. I wish you the best on your trip!!
    Stay safe gals, we want you back here in one piece!:heart:
  3. Jill take tonssssssssssss of pics!!!! I miss Paris- ahhhh... and I bet this time of year is drop dead GORGEOUS!!!! Have a blast and :party: for us all!
  4. wohooooooooo :yahoo: :yahoo:

    enjooooooooy and shop shop shop shop

    have a safe trip:flowers:
  5. Have a fun and safe trip!!!
  6. Jill, get your rearend off tPF and start packing! I'm already done! :P

    We'll take tons of pictures!

    Paris better be ready for us!
  7. ^ALMOST done...LMAO....HATE packing...argh....
  8. I packed while watching LOST. It was a very intense experience-LOL!
  9. ^How many bags???LOL???
  10. Oh!! You are so lucky! Enjoy your trip! we'll miss you!!
  11. Can't wait to see the goodies!!!!!!!
  12. Have fun!!!
  13. *is incredibly jealous!!*
    ahh I'm SURE you guys will have lots of fun..:biggrin: Take lots & lots of pictures plz!! hehe..& do lots of shopping ;)
  14. Have a great time! or Avez un bon temp! Wish I was going with you!
  15. I hope you have the time of your life!!!!!! Spend lots of money, haha! :smile:
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