We Are Marshall


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Sep 13, 2005
Did any of you see this movie? My family went to see it today, it was a GREAT movie- the storyline is known by most of you and it is indeed really sad. But the acting is great, the story flowed beautifully, it did not drag, there was a few funny parts, it was just amazing. It is sure a :crybaby: jerker though!!!!

Either way, I highly recommend it!
I got to see this movie a couple weeks ago during a private showing (hey, we thought we were really cool!).

I knew I had to see if after Oprah talked about it on her show... it was great!

We saw it with some boys, and they were even tearing up! :smile:
I live near Marshall University in Huntington, WV. I'll probably see the movie when it comes out on dvd. It is a horribly sad story - I've heard about it all my life as I was 2 when it happened. I know people who lost loved ones in that crash. A local restaurant has a team photo that makes me cry every time I see it. It's a very emotional issue in this area, and I don't think I can watch the movie in a theater. I'll see eventually.
Balenciaga love- it was AMAZINGLY done!! My entire family, who are tough critics, just LOVED it. It is a really hard show to watch- but just amazing.
Megs thanks for the great review of We Are Marshall. My dh and I just got back from seeing it and it was such a great movie. It was hard making it through without it tugging on your heart though knowing that this tragedy actually happened. But to see this town survive and pursue happiness just makes me smile.
The movie was really well done. I was about 10 years old when the plane went down ( Marshall is an hour's drive from where I live.) Our theatres were sold out early on when the movie opened. I went opening night and I think used an entire tissue pack!
dlg, 2 of our friends are Marshall alums and we drive thru/usually stop in Huntington on the trip between NC and Illinois. It's apparent the University is part of the town fabric. If I were that close to it I wouldn't see it in the theater either (for the same reason, I will not watch United 93). We plan to see the movie this week. I imagine I will be crying, cheering, etc.