We are making beds for our animal shelter!

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  1. We will be making raised beds for our animal shelter. Our shelter is in horrible condition and the majority of the dogs are forced to sleep on the cold (and sometimes wet) concrete. Here is a picture of one of the only kennels which is lucky enough to have a raised bed.


    I'll take pics of our bed making event. Hopefully we can provide beds for all of the kennels!!
  2. That's such a great thing that you're doing! The kennel looks so empty and very uncomfortable for the animals. They could definitely use beds, and toys!

    My humane society shelter has beds like that in the kennels but they put padded cushions on top of them and blankets in the kennel for the dogs
  3. What a precious picture! Yes, keep us updated about the beds. I volunteer at our Humane Society. Its so rewarding. Our's has the raised beds like you show here and all the dogs sleep on them, even the puppy litters. The people at our shelter love the animals so much. They are always giving them toys, blankies and fun treats like kongs filled with peanut butter and chewy sticks. Bless you for making your kiddos beds!
  4. The Boxer rescue groups I donate to and the great kennel we take Sabo to uses these beds, so they must be terrific. Good luck getting lots of donations, miu2!
  5. Thank you all for the words of support. Once we get the kennels in, we will be adding blankets on them so that they can be warm and comfy as well.
  6. The idea of doggies sleeping on cold concrete breaks my heart.
  7. Hi Irish!! Did you see Emma the Doxie mix in my other thread? I thought of you when we rescued her from the shelter!!