We are having our cat put down on Tuesday...

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  1. I posted a thread a while back about baby aspirin and cats...well, my oldest kitty Pita was diagnosed with the early stages of renal failure, and she is really arthritic...and she's been having terrible trouble walking and she will cry if you touch her hips.

    The past week or so she has gone downhill. She isnt eating unless we bring it to her and she will only use the litterbox of we put her in it. She is starting to drink lots of water (if we bring it to her) and she's constantly licking her lips (kinda smacking her lips actually)She sleeps non stop. This afternoon we placed her in the litter box and she layed down it in and went to sleep! And she's not cleaning herself. (she was the cleanest cat in town prior)

    She's showing all the symptoms we told the vet she didnt have 2 weeks ago! Shes in pain terribly and its breaking my heart.

    I was out of town for 3 days and came back today and she is 100% worse than when I left her on Friday. So I called the vet and she thinks there may be another underlying problem, perhaps tumors pressing on her spine, etc.

    She's almost 13, which to me isnt that old. But she is obviously suffering. Pita is my daughter Nicoles cat, she's had her since she was a kitten and she was from a ferral litter. (the WORST kitten ever, what a terror!). We're moving to Arizona on the 30th, and our new house is 3 stories, LOTS of stairs. Stairs she wont be able to climb. Soooo....

    Nicole made the decision today to have her put to sleep. Which I know wasnt easy for her, because she wanted to drain her savings to pay for anything she could to make her better. My vet told her she would be putting off the inevitable. And she made the right decision.

    Nicole is off Tuesday, so she's taking her in then. This is the hardest decision she has ever made and while I'm very proud of her, my heart is breaking.

    She's gonna have her cremated so she can have her ashes.

    This is the first time since my dog died in my arms years ago that I have had to go thru this.:crybaby:
  2. oh no!!! so sorry you have to put her down. i've gone thru it once and i was balling.
  3. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that:sad: We had to put down our 12 year old persian a few months ago. He also went downhill so fast, we knew it was the right thing to do. That doesn't make it easy though... Hugs to you & your daughter~
  4. I am so sorry! :sad: :sad: :sad: I've been through it before. My thoughts are with you! :heart:
  5. So sorry to hear this. It is the hardest but most loving thing you can do. You do NOT want a pet to experience total renal failure as it is horribly painful and scary. So, say goodbye to your little baby and you will see her again at the Rainbow Bridge.
  6. this just broke my heart:crybaby: . So sad, but inevitable. I think you're doing the right thing. No point putting kitty through agony if there's no quality left in her life and she's in pain. Still, it's horrible and devastating. Our thoughts are with you.:sad:
  7. Thanks girls, I'm gonna have Nicole read your posts later...:heart:

  8. I'm so sorry. It's so hard when our pets get to this stage and we have to make the decision to end their suffering. It's the most loving thing we can do for them, but it breaks my heart when we have to do it.

    Nicole--you are doing the very best thing for your cat. My prayers are going to you and your family and Pita. :heart:
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how difficult it can be.
  10. Oh no, Donna, this is so sad to read this post... I can imagine this was a very hard decision for Nicole and you to make... For those who have strong bonds with our animals, they will let us know when it is time to say good bye... And I believe that you two are close to Pita that she is telling you when it is time... You are not letting her suffer any further...

    You, Nicole, and Pita will be in my throughts...
    <Rainbow Bridge>

    P.S. I euthanized my cat last May who was in renal failure... I still wonder if I had made the right choice, but I believe he was telling me it was okay and this was his time. I euthanized him at home... He came home from the hospital, walked around the house like he was finding that 'right place'. And after couple of hours of searching, he did and just curled up in one area... It will never get easy to let a pet go... Pita is very special to you, and she will always have a special place in your heart that no other cat can fulfill...
  11. I am so sorry you are going through this, it is the most painful decision you have to make. I know when I have had to do this the pain is just so bad. All my dogs where put to sleep also at home, if you can do this do it that way, they are in a stress free place and its a lot better for them.
    My dogs are buried in my back garden.
    My thoughts are with you at this awful time.
  12. Oh sweetie my thoughts and prayers are with you and Pita.

    She is lucky to have a mommy who cares about her enough to make this hard decision for her:sad:
  13. It always breaks my heart to hear when people have to do this but I know you know you are doing the right thing and it is proof how much you really love this kitty. Its sounds like she had a wonderful life surrounded by a loving family. A cat (or any pet) cannot ask for more than that. I've had to do this a couple of times and nothing makes it easy. Just hold onto her as she falls asleep and send her off loving and peacefully. Its about her comfort and feeling you as she drifts off to peaceful sleep and no more pain.
    Lots of hugs to you. We are here for you!

    (I still have my last kitties ashes in a pretty container!)
  14. Wow I also forgot to mention that MY name is Nicole and I live in Arizona!!

    Her middle name wouldn't be Marie by chance, would it?? LOL thats what mine is!
  15. How did you guys Euthanize at home? I didnt know that was an option!

    Couturegirl/Nicole, looks like your parents had great taste in names too! My daughter is Nicole Lynn, her dad wanted Nicole Marie, but that was his sisters name (it was Maria actually) and I refused because well, I couldnt stand my sister in law! ha!