We are finally buying a house! (pics)

  1. We currently own a condo and have been looking for a house to buy for about a year. We live in a burb of Seattle currently and are moving to the next town over to the east. The house we are buying is on a very beautiful one-acre wooded lot in a nice development of homes on large lots, and there is also a country club there! The front of the lot is wooded and the back is park-like and has a little creek running thru the gully behind it. You can hear the creek water bubbling along when you are in the backyard! :love:

    The house is not very big (about 1500 sf) but it was well built and we don't need a lot of room because our oldest is gone and the youngest graduates in June and is planning to move out this summer. We had our inspection on Friday and we were concerned about the cedar shake roof, but the inspector says if we have it cleaned and treated we'll get about 10 more years out of it. We are real happy about this as the seller was a bit difficult to work with initially. Since the real estate market around here has done a correction, he was not happy that he could not get the high price he wanted for the house after he'd been trying to sell it since last August.

    We signed the loan papers Friday, so it looks like everything is a go. After we move out of the condo we are going to re-carpet and paint it so it can be sold. Our realtor told us that the condo market is insane where we live so we should sell it in a few days. Let's hope so- because the bank account will be pretty empty after we close on the house! :s

    I have been cleaning stuff out in preparation for the move and my dog has gotten so nervous I've had to get her some doggy-xanax for anxiety! She knows something is going on but can't figure it out. The meds are helping- the vet told us this happens sometimes. She is going to be so happy with a backyard but in the mean time the poor thing is a nervous wreck (sorta like her Mommy is right now) :p If all goes well we should be moving in sometime in early April. :wlae: And poor Mr Roo will FINALLY HAVE HIS GARAGE!

    Front entrance (garage is to the right)

    Living room (note the eiffel tower poster on the wall, when I saw it I KNEW!)


    Kitchen (needs a few updates but has really nice new appliances and that little door leads outside to a potting shed where I can grow stuff!)

    Part of the backyard looking up towards the house:
  2. Congrats. It looks beautiful.
  3. Congrats! Looks and sounds like a charming little house!
  4. I am happy 4 U! It looks like a nice cozy home you can call you own! Congrats!
  5. Thanks, gals. Our dream is to eventually buy a retirement home in a place like Scottsdale or Henderson, NV, and live there in the winter. We'd then keep this house as our summer place. We'll see.
  6. Very Lovely home. Congrats!!
  7. I love it! It looks cozy and comfy...I hope you will be so happy there! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! It looks awesome, I love it!
  9. Congratulations Roo! It's a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  10. congratulations!
  11. Congratulations, it looks fabulous!!! I know what it's like, wanting to find a place you will feel at home in... I'm so happy to you guys found something you like and that you will move in soon!!! :yahoo: And the yard looks really wide, I'm sure your dog will love it! :nuts:
  12. Congrats! Nice kitchen, looks real clean.
  13. Its gorgeous!! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations! It's beautiful, especially on the inside. . . so light and crisp. The living room is awesome. The house looks like it is in a gorgeous setting with the woods and plants around it. Enjoy!!!
  15. What a great house! I hope you and your family have many happy years in it.