We are at the Paris sales!!!

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  1. Sammyjoe and I are in the queue at the Paris H sale, there is a major queue!!! About 50 ahead of us, and already over 100 behind us. We still have 2 hours to wait!!!
  2. Oh no!!!! I be there soon, oh my god, too many people already. :faint:
  3. OMG have fun at the sale!

    Please remember to keep us updated! :flowers:
  4. oooooh talk us through the scene LittleH.... who else is in the queue?
  5. OMG, good luck to you, hope you get lots of good loots..
  6. Did you just get there, or have you been waiting?......And PS, Good luck and happy hunting!!!!
  7. Wow how lucky are you Paris Gals! Can't wait to see what you all got.:nogood:
  8. What credit crisis??
  9. Aah lucky lucky, wish I was there (atleast in Paris if not the sales :P)! have fun and hope you score!!
  10. Ok. We are sitting next to a group of ladies who are friends from a scarf forum.

    Everyone is keeping busy chatting and munching on little snacks. It is amazing!

    The coffee place has opened now so I'll go and get my caffeine shot now.
  11. how exciting, good luck!
  12. this is so exciting, i feel like i am "listening to" a play by play, except, it's not Fox Sports, it's Hermes Shopping Sports! please give us every detail!
  13. Great to hear "live news" have fun!
  14. It sounds like such fun!!!!Can't wait to see what you got!
  15. WOw I can't wait to see what you get!