We are all different...so we must have tolerance...

  1. Its weird isnt it? We all come here on TPF Hermes section to find others with similar interest (Hermes!) and share in the love, search, admiration, and friendship. Initially I was hesitant about posting in the Hermes section. I've read horror stories of new members (sometimes established members) being singled out. Did I want that type of stress in my life? Nope. So I was just a "reader" for a while. Reading, lerking, reading, admiring, reading, wishing.... So where was all this hype of unfriendliness I've read so much about? Where is the show of high an mightiness that only befits the Hermes queens? I didnt find such thing. What I found was a group of individuals who had a common interest and who were diverse in every way. I loved the fact that we ALL come from different walks of life. Can you see the wonderful, colorful, and exciting diversity! I found friendship and a place to come to when life was becoming too stressful. I found a place where I can share my thoughts, feelings, strange impulses (bath tub full of bags!), and encouragement.

    So sometimes there will be individuals who feel Hermes is not befitting anyone who doesnt sound like them, look like them, have as much money as them, talk their language, or are from the same place they are from. Sad isnt it. Money (or money they think they have, high credit card limit, or daddys bank account) cant buy you class. And owning a Hermes item will not make you classy. Its you, your attitude, your views, ethics, and moralities that make you who you are.

    So to ALL my lovely H sisters (and brothers) I say "I love you all and appreciate your kinship!"

    Mods if I place this in the wrong place please move it, sorry for the trouble.

    Oh and sorry if my spelling, grammer, syntex, or wording is wrong:p
  2. I strongly concur:yes:
  3. Right on, simplyprincess! I could not have said it better than you did!
  4. SP, I have loved your contibutions and it's a joy to see your posts, including this one.
  5. I totally agree with you simplyprincess. i havent been a member for long at all. everyone has shown me nothing but kindness and patience:love: (especially patience on the authenticate this thread!)
    i know next to nothing about Hermes, and sadly none of my friends do either. so to me this forum is invaluable and also a place where i can hear other members from around the whole world , share the highs and lows of their experiences in life!!
    and like you i love the fact that everyone is different, and i find it amazing that one minute i am communicating with someone from USA, the next Asia, or wherever!!! and everyone loves Hermes!!:heart:
  6. ok......I'm out on a maiden voyage with a little goat and off tPF for about an hour and I must have missed something! And since I'm a Scorpio and that means I'm really nosey, can someone fill me it? :shrugs:

    ...i must really be in the dark.................
  7. oh, and also. am i the only person in the world who hasnt got a clue what "syntex" means?:confused1:
  8. I'll PM you shopmom:heart:
  9. Princess, very nicely put. Maybe if we could get the leaders of the world to carry a Hermes product we could get then on this board and civilize them and then we could all live in peace.

    Only partially kidding...
  10. oops.....um.......never mind. Figured it out.

    SORRY EVERYONE! Brain's a little addled from inhaling too much goat...... It's a wonder you all put up with ME!!!! LMAO!!!!
  11. Anithistamines and goat are making you sound like Emily Latella from SNL!
  12. i totally agree,

    have to say from my very first post almost everyone on here has been lovely to me and i have made some great friends. and i'm the least classy most trashy thing around. lol
  13. LOL, Oh hlfinn I find you truly classy and sweet.
  14. SP, ITA!!!
    I never knew when I came to the PF I'd meet the best group of friends I've ever had. I thought I would just be discussing Hermes with other Hermes lovers. But instead I met the most wonderful group of ladies and gents. :heart::heart::heart: And I seriously cannot even express how much you all have helped me thru such a difficult time in my life. I :heart: you all!!!
  15. SP - i totally agree. the TPF is my second family.

    i have serious withdrawal syndrome if i don't get to log in daily. and i appreciate all the love and friendship from the TPF members, esp. with joining me and my hubby in the joy of celebrating the arrival of our first born baby!

    thanks TPF!