We always talk about our handbags...let's talk about what goes in them!

  1. What do you ALWAYS have in your bag?
  2. Red Dooney wallet, cell phone, keys. Those are the only guarantees.
  3. Always:

    Coach Wallet in Black or Brown

    Pink Coach Pill Case

    Cell phone

    Wristlet with make-up and a small mirror (mainly lip stuff)

    Philosophy Amazing Grace Solid Perfume


    Small pad of paper

    Keys: Car/House Keys and my school keys and id badge


    Orbit Gum
  4. soho checkbook Wallet, energy pills, pill case, big mac make up bag, lotion, antibacterial, id card for work, cell phone, mini skinny, sometimes body spray.

    I don't travel light
  5. I always have:

    my wallet (legacy french purse in black leather)
    wristlet (an ancient plain black coach leather wristlet that holds my change and small bills)
    black leather 3x5 agenda
    a diapees and wipees with 2 or 3 diapers and a slim wipes container
    whatever lip gloss/balm I may be wearing that day
    my keys after I've locked the house or car
    sunscreen in a ziploc bag if it's hot/summer
    an extra baby toy and pacifier

    unless i have my diaper bag, in which all the baby stuff and more is stuffed in the diaper bag, and my purse is for me and me alone. :smile:
  6. I always have my keys, phone, some form of a wallet and/or wristlet, hand sanitizer, lotion, lip gloss, comb, pens, and my headset.
  7. I always have

    Red wallet
    cell phone
    red pill case
    receipts and more receipts
    hand lotion
    trident gum/mints
    anti bac lotion
    tide to go pen
    lipstick/lipgloss/lip pencil
  8. I always have:

    My red signature wallet (easy to find)
    My cell phone
    chap stick
    pen and notepad
    gum or mints...
  9. Basic stuff..... wallet, keys, check book, sunglasses, phone, small brush and keys. I never carry pens or perfume for some reason something bad always happens to me, they either break or bust and it gets everywhere.
  10. Coach wallet(the wallet I use depends on the bag I am using)
    Coach Sunnies
    Coach Mini Skinny(matching handbag)
    Coach Brown Signature Stripe Make-up Kit
    Coach ID Lanyard (for work)
    Coach Key Chain
    Cell Phone with Coach Lanyard
  11. Coach wallet
    Legacy stripe wristlet
    Light sweater (if I'm using my tote)
  12. Wallet, keys, beauty case, phone, sunglasses are in there daily.
  13. wallet, cell phone, glasses, pen, lip gloss, receipts (always..lol), checkbook
  14. Wallet
    makeup bag
    cell phone

    And I sometimes still carry a pull up just in case dd has an oops!
  15. I carry a wallet, keys, agenda, wristlet, cellphone and sometimes a makeup bag. I sometimes carry a magazine if it fits in my bag or a book for reading.