We always said a Groom Bag would be HOT

  1. This was in the window display of LV it's a bandana laid over a bag but it gives you a really good idea what a groom bag would look like
  2. That is neat.....
  3. Too bad it isn't an actual bag!
  4. Very fun!
  5. that looks hot :nuts:..i want that bandana!! :P
  6. :nuts: Love that guy:love: Thanks for the pic!:flowers:
  7. is the bandana available for purchasE?
  8. Wow..that's very cool..I wished LV paint the groom guy on to a bag..
  9. I want a groom speedy!
  10. Thats cute! It would be so much fun if they actually made that. :smile:
  11. nice!
  12. I would :heart: a Groom Speedy or Lockit Horizontal!!:love::love:
  13. Wow, that look very nice! I actually like it! Man, LV should have done something like that!
  14. That looks really cool...
  15. wow thats kinda nice