We always hear about the horrible SA,,, well it was the Customer this time

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  1. I was at a boutique over the weekend, just looking around, then this tag team of three ladies come into the store. They were greeted and all the SA were reallt nice to them. THen one of the ladies starts flipping through the look book and the SA asked if there was anything in particular that she could help the customer find. Customer said "No Thanks". but then called her back and said she looking for something in Orange. Well, the SA was thinking and then showed the Orange penelope wristlet and the cx grunted. The SA then went on the say that they would be introducing more orange as the season chages, and the SA told the Cx the nearest color to orange will be "Coral Soho". the Cx walks away, calls her girl friends over and starts say outloud,,, ".. this dumb As* SA is calling this Orange... dont these people learn their colours,, what a bubble head idiot..." of course everyone was listening and so was the SA.......

    I tell you,,,,, the SA just walked back to the store room . If I was the SA, i would have called out the CX and stated she needed to go shave her face ( hairy chin) and then think twice about passing comments out loud. I would hate putting up with that kinda sh*t for cx everyday.... Yeah For the SA, she held her cool,,,,
  2. haha...I have to deal with customers who pick up our product, ask the price, and then literally THROW it back on the display shelf/table in disgust when they find out what it is.
  3. Dealing with the public and being publicly humiliated is never fun, but I'm glad the SA chose to ignore her and let the customer make a fool of herself all on her own. I would hope the woman was embarassed later by her actions. To have said anything would have made others in the store uncomfortable and also given question as to whether the customer had a point.

    I had a parent verbally abuse me in a busy hallway one morning before Christmas. Rather than call for the principal I moved the conversation into my classroom and let her vent. Turned out she'd been on pain meds all weekend and didn't realize what she was saying. I've worked with her children for 5 years and knew she wouldn't normally do this. She felt so bad later she donated $25 for a big art project I was doing schoolwide. I appreciated the help and told her she didn't need to donate that much but she insisted.

    My point is, we don't know why people choose to act the way they do and it's best sometimes to let them make a scene all on their own. I hope you got the SA's name and that she stays with the company. She sounds like a class act.
  4. Wow, do they think they're shopping at Goodwill?
  5. Unfortunately, I've found that Coach attracts lower class people and us classy ladies alike because it is more affordable. I am by no means saying that those that pinch pennies are classless - I've simply noticed that things like this tend to happen in the more affordable brands...Though you may come across that same type of person in a Hermes/LV/Chanel boutique, it just seems so much more common in Coach/Dooney/etc. :sad: I can't imagine how horrible some people must be at the outlets...
  6. I want those shoes in your avatar. OMG I love that red.
  7. this is why the back room of Coach is always hilarious...especially during busy times like the past holiday season. You get all sorts of people who are rude and stressed out and take it out on the SAs. The back is where we vent and scream :smile: Just like how everyone else here vents on TPF!
    I find some of the nicest customers are always the ones who've worked in retail at SOME point in their lives
  8. Oh I imagine that rude customers are 10x worse than even the rudest SAs. I hate seeing that sort of thing. I always find it so hard to not say anything when people are treated so disrespectfully whether it be a SA or customer. Glad to hear that the SA responded with more class than I think I'd have been able to come up with.
  9. Actually, I have worked in retail before, so I'll accept that as a compliment. Ha Ha. I worked in a men's jeans department for a western wear store. You think we're bad about going through jeans til we find the right pair, men are worse. I'd clear 15 pairs all wadded up on the floor from some of those changing rooms at a time. Most wouldn't bring them out with them unless their wife, girlfriend or mother told them.
  10. Do any of you ever say anything to management when you see someone treated like that by a customer? I have whether it's retail or in a restaurant.
  11. The SA did the right thing. Never argue with a customer no matter how rotten they are.
  12. I was in line once and a the girl in front of me was returning over 2K worth of stuff with a receipt and wanted cash. They said they don't have that much cash in the store since it was early in the morning and said they could either have corporate mail her a check or come back later in the day. She flipped out and said what they were doing was against the law and a scam. I swear these people have to know that cash registers in the mornings have very minimal cash and you can only borrow so much from the safe.
  13. I have but my situation was a little different because the people were obviously trying to scam the restaurant. The waitress put a hot plate in front of the mother and told her to be careful, then the mother pushed it in front of her baby so she could touch it and hurt herself. I saw it happen out of the corner of my eye and I couldn't believe it. They complained to the manager and said some horrible words in front of a lot of kids and wanted a discount on the meal. The manager got really upset and just walked away from the verbal abuse and I followed her to say what I saw which confirmed her suspicions. I wish I had gotten gone and gotten their license plate number because it was clearly child abuse but they were a very hostile family so I was scared.
  14. How utterly rude! That SA has a lot of patience. I would have gotten really ticked.
  15. :sad: That's terrible!!!!!! Wow there are all sorts of people out there.

    As for the SA in the original story, she showed a lot of class and restraint I might add. Could the manager have asked the customer not to return stating verbal abuse? I'm sure that could potentially have made the situation worse but If I were the manager I wouldn't want that person back in my store!