We all shoudl have waited....

  1. The Amore bags on eBay are starting to go for retail now (instead of over retail like last week) or in some cases below retail.

    robotkitten got that Campeggio for $128 last week.

    A Bambinone just ended with high bid at $100 and there is a Campeggio that just ended at $146.

    Oh well.
  2. But at least you have your amore, so you don't have to worry over it!
  3. IF NE ONE SEES A ZUCCA AMORE UP... PLEASE TELL ME!! preferably where u can see bastardino n polpettina!
  4. not all of them - i just saw someone trying to charge $175 BIN for a STELLINA! :wtf:
  5. :yahoo:
  6. I somehow managed to get my perfect print placement on eBay for $2 under retail during the height of the craze, so I am still happy - I have to say I am really surprised that some bags are going for so much under retail already though!!
  7. It is ok. There will be more out there probably. I'm ok with paying a little over retail (including shipping) if I get the print placement I want. That is why I'm reluctant to order online even with a coupon code, 'cause I can't see it and if I don't have the characters I want, I will hate it.
  8. Macy's.com has the zuccas :graucho:
  9. It is too bad though their shipping is like $15-16!! Best to wait for a free shipping code.