We all Need to do this I think!!! (please read)

  1. I just saw this o0n another site (how dare I visit other sites - lol). Anyway, it sounds great to me so I will copy you guys in on it!!

    We all know that Google is now one of the biggest companies in the world and they make a fortune. Anywaym here is an alternative search engine (which produces the exact same results) but the profits generated from all the searches are donated to charity [​IMG] You can choose a green charity or one that you go for.

    The company is a "not for profit" company [​IMG]


    Please let me know what you think - wouldn;t it be great for charities to get to that £10m target justy by us lot using Scramm ?

    Please get your mates to do it too [​IMG]
  2. www.goodsearch.com is the same sort of thing! I think it's a great idea for charities to get some money out of all the times we use search engines!
  3. I'm all for charity but how do we know it's not a scam? I'm not trying to be clever, I'm genuinely interested in this.
  4. At the bottom of the scramm site it gives a link to a sponsor called justslimmers.com When I click on that, it redirects to justslimmers.davidwilsonparr.co.uk, but it gave me the message that the redirect does not operate properly.

    Any of you UK folks recognize the name? Or can get the redirect to work? Might be a good way to figure out if it's a scam or legit.
  5. http://www.davidwilsonparr.co.uk/

    I hadn't spotted that actually!! I Hope I have not put people on a bum steer! I don't know how people can check out the validity (or otherwise) of this site.

    Help someone !! ?? !!

    I want to use a not for profit search engine ~~ some of them are only 50%.
  6. ooooops my orignal post should have said


    (not co.uk)