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What color should I get this bag in

  1. get another black bag (YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH)

  2. get the off-white (ITS NICE TO CHANGE THINGS UP!!

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  1. I just pre-ordered this in off-white:

    Do you think I should get the off-white or the black??? I mean - I LOVE the black, but do I need another black bag, is white going to get too dirty - WTD???
  2. I think the off white sounds gorgeous but you can't go wrong with either! :flowers:
  3. I pre-ordered this in white in the east west style of this bag. I think it will be gorgeous.
  4. I really do LOVE the off-white!!!
  5. off white for sure!!

  6. Omg I love this bag may I ask how much it is going to cost you and when you pre-order do you have to put money down to order it??
  7. ^there should be no charge to be on a preorder list ;)
  8. Off-white gets my vote
  9. get the off white. You need a white in your collection.
  10. Oh I would like to order one does anyone know who much this one sells for and what the name of it is???
  11. I can't remember the exact cost, but the Chanel style number for the one pictured is A33458, and the style number for the East/West style of this bag is A33456.
  12. The one pictured is 2285 - they are making this collection in pink, beige, off-white, and black
  13. ^ does anyone has the dimension of the one pictures?? What kinda leather is that? When are they supposed to be out?
  14. No dimensions (bilson is tiny... so its not THAT big). It is like the vintage ligne leather - due out SOON (in the next few weeks)
  15. good, coz i am short.
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