WDW, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Early Sunday morning DH, my DD and I will depart for Walt Disney World!:yahoo: I'm sooo excited! :rochard:

    We'll be bringing DH's laptop, I'll probably check in once a day.
    We'll be home on Thursday!

  2. Awwww Have fun :love:
  3. How much fun!!! We haven't been yet and I keep telling the kids -- "next year."
  4. Oh have fun! We are going in Nov and I cant wait!! Where are you staying?
  5. Have a great time!!!! Can't wait to go myself, I've never been. Gonna take the kiddies next year when they're 7 & 6.
  6. Have a great time Swanky! Now, an important question.... What bag are you bringing? :biggrin:
  7. Have a wonderful time, Swanky! :biggrin:
  8. Have a great time!
  9. have a wonderful time!!!
  10. Have a great time and I hope you don't have to wait on any long lines!
  11. This time at the Dolphin, for free! DH traveled over 1 million miles on AA last year so we have a butt load of points!:greengrin:

    Pursegal, I'll bringing along my swanky new Gucci belt bag!! woohoo!:biguns:
  12. Awwww, have fun! I love WDW, I haven't been in like 5 years. Hug Mickey for me!
  13. Over 1 million miles?????????? I would want that nanny full time! Have fun!!! It'll be so great with the kids. Eyes lighting up and whatnot :smile:
  14. omg i love disney im into double figures when you count the holidays ive had there but ive only been to florida once i go to paris :sad: still brill but not a touch on florida.
    This feb my little sister danced in paris disney me and my mum were crying all the way through but it was amazing, *unlike the weather*.
    LOL dont do disney on a hangover though its not a good idea! urgh memories are coming back now :S
    Last time i went i vowed it would be the last time for years but am going back again in feb lol give in too easy.

    Anyways have an amazing time in disney and go on all the brill rides for us all.
  15. Have fun :yahoo:
    - don't get a sunburn. :roflmfao:

    Can't wait to see your pictures. :biggrin: