WC Speedy question

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  1. I am going to sell my WC speedy in the near future and I am wondering what sort of price they go for on Eeb. I am in the UK and have checked the UK Ebay and I don't know how to see what kind of price they are selling for...only what sellers WANT them to go for (that are unsold).

    Does anyone know what kind of a price they get in the UK, or should I just sell at cost since they can be available to buy and now have a brown version?

    Any help?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I'd list it at what I paid for it plus fees from listing, and it should sell easily as it is in such high demand. Goodluck!!
  3. You could check the completed listings - that could be helpful in knowing what they have and haven't sold for.
  4. You could also try checking the completed listings on eBay US site

    Good luck!

    Just a gentle reminder to those reading this thread that buying/selling/trading on tPF is NOT permitted.
  5. I am not trying to sell this bag here and tbh I have not even really made up my mind whether I will. Every day I change my mind! :nuts:

    I can even see how bad my post sounded because I am not really looking to make a huge profit, just don't want to be out of pocket iyswim. I came to ask because I know that most of you are in the US and I cannot sell to you all anyway. I have not used Ebay for a while and it is all new. How do I check completed listings?
  6. Once you look up the item... the completed listing button is usually on the left side of the page. Once you click on it.. it will direct you to the sign in page (if you are not already signed in). Hope this helps