Ways We Talk Ourselves into Our Coach Bags...

  1. Hi!

    I thought it would be fun to share ideas of how we all rationalize our Coach purchases.

    For awhile, I put myself on a ban because I found that I actually enjoyed my bags more when I only had a few that I really loved and used instead of several more sitting in my closet. Sometimes I would buy something in the moment instead of really thinking through what I needed.

    Still, when it comes to a bag I absolutely love, here's what goes through my head....

    "This style is never going to make it to the outlet. I'd better order it now."

    Me talking to JAX. "What do you mean you only have 22 left and you aren't going to replenish? *sigh* Here's my credit card number."

    Me thinkiing to myself, "Ya know, hubby just bout that HD TV, and I bet that puppy is easily worth 10 coach bags. If I just buy one, I'm golden!"

    Rationalizing a purchase. "Hmm, if I just sell last year's hobo on eBay, I can use that money toward the new bag. Wow, that was easy."

    Talking to my Geico sales rep. "Wow! I just saved one Coach bag in 15 minutes. Time to go shopping!":p

    When you're trying to rationalize your next 'must have bag,' what goes through your head?
  2. Funny, tejasmama! I had accumulated 15 Coach bags once upon a time which is not that many to a true collector but for me where I live, it is totally unnecessary. I don't go out often enough to justify all those bags and I don't work outside the home so why did I NEED 15 bags. I scaled down to 4 and just purchased a 5th. (plus I'll be adding a couple of LV and maybe a red patent ergo) So, I'll probably end up with 7-8 bags which is probably going to end up being too many still! LOL! So, how do I justify the purchases I'm making now?

    1) I need a bag in that color. I need some color in my handbag collection and dang, that bag is so cheap on eBay! (which is why a canvas slim flap is on its way to me!)
    2) I'll never find it THAT cheap again!
    3) I need a bag for bad weather.
    4) I need a tote bag for bad weather when I carry a lot of stuff.
    5) I need a handheld bag. (no, I don't know why!)
    6) I need a variety of brown shades in my handbag collection
    7) I deserve it. I'm going through a rough time. I'm stressed. I've been good lately. I've worked hard. I don't ask for much.
    8) Well, if I don't spend it on handbags, we'll just waste it on something else stupid!
    9) I sold something else off. Time to buy another bag or two to replace what I sold.
    10) Everyone on TPF owns one. I want one too! :hysteric:
  3. You know, I don't talk myself into them. I like one, I get it. The one I have to talk into them is my hubby. I usually tell him to get himself something new of the value of the bag so I can get something. But he's smarter than me. He "saved" all those last bags I got and is now getting a new mini computer for his car...more than $1,300. Damn he's smart!!!!
  4. Actually for me it's the other way around. When my hubby knows that there's a bag I want, he's so sweet and tells me to go ahead and get it. Then the next day, literally, he goes and buys some new hunting equipment that is more expensive than my new purse. Then I can't complain about what he bought cause I just spent that much on a purse! Well, he's not stupid!!
  5. ^^ I love it!! For me, I'm opposite with the hunting thing. My husband has been hunting forever and I'm a new Coach addict. I just bought him some hunting stuff and a new pair of Oakley's last week so I shouldn't hear any static over this PCE!!
  6. Hmm....well, I just tell myself something like, "well.....he just bought this, so it's okay...." or " I need a bag that color/shape/style for spring/summer/fall/winter." or "i had a rough day today, I deserve it..."
  7. I've been buying LV for the past few years and have recently sold most of them except for the few I really loved and can't replace. The upside of this is that most anything Coach sells is a bargain compared to LV! I picked up a black ergo large tote last week for 25% off and DH was thrilled it was only $300ish. :tup:
  8. Well you like it so much in black get it in khaki! Then you'll love that one just as much. But not really true, I like the black one better.
  9. "You know your paycheck is in the mail as we speak.":tup:----My reasoning when I'm trying to decide on the right time to make a purchase. :p
  10. See, ladies...we're doing this the wrong way! We should've STARTED with LV so that our Coach bags would look like a bargain! I have a gorgeous LV BH but find those purchases much harder to justify since the bags are so much higher.

    Can you imagine your husband being happy because a bag was only $300? Man, I've been going about this the wrong way. Thanks for the tip!:tup:
  11. I usually now rationalize a bag by selling an older one on eBay first. I can then use the funds for something else I love!
  12. My favorite rationalization, last PCE:

    On the red patent ergo hobo: I just got my new car two days ago and this is the same color. That's a sign from above that I need this purse.