Ways to wear the heart coin purse?

  1. After I saw the ItalyStation pics I feel myself breaking down and wanting one!!

    Which ways do you think you'll wear/use your heart coin purse?

    I was thinking it could possibly work as a wristlet like the one Juicy Couture did a few seasons back

    Creative suggestions needed ladies! :graucho:
  2. I've planned to use it as a car key holder and stuff it with some bank notes and a few quarters for parking meter.
  3. I'm going to hang mine on my bag, for sure. It's too cute to keep in my bag!
  4. Probably just as a decoration to hang on my bag or, to put some money in to take to work instead of taking a wallet.
  5. i plan to hang mine on my bag too!
  6. If you've got a small bag like a pochette you could just use that and put a few notes and coins to carry around since your wallet probably wouldn't fit.
  7. I hope to be able to hang it from my bag with a lipbalm and change in it!
  8. Probably hang it off my bag ITA it's too cute too be hidden.
  9. I wanted to use it as a purse charm to spice up my Damier bags
  10. Where can I get a heart coin purse??? MY LV store didn't have them! They are so cute! :heart:
  11. they are new limited Ed items, go to your local store and ask them to put you on the wait list. Hope that helps :flowers: