Ways to wear scarves

  1. I really like the scarve trend that's seen on so many celebrities today. What are some ways to wear a basic scarf other than just wrapping it around or doing the loop-through? I just bought one and am looking for some other fun ways to wear it.
  2. It depends on how long it is. You can wear it like a necktie, dont ask me how to tie one. LOL. I wrap short one around me neck a couple of times and tie it off to the side. Wear it like a belt. Decorate your purse. Big square one can be folded like a triangle, put the long side on top of your head, bring the two ends to the nape of your neck and tuck in the pointed corner underneath the two ends and tie the two ends. Sorry for the run on sentence. Its getting late.
  3. I do a cravat tie once in a while with the big square ones, or just knot it once after the triangle roll and leave 2 points hanging (simple and on the go).

    I do a bandana, or a hair tie thingy sometimes.

    Or even to add width to my belt in 'obi' style.

    I also like to add a scarve to my add on my collar for an extra chunky, fluff look when it is folded into rectangles and tucked at certain ends.

    Love scarves!
  4. OMG it has pictures! I love scarves but can never get creative with them.