ways to wear a scarf

  1. my favorite ways to personalize an outfit with a scarf
    (please add other ideas, with pictures or even just descriptions)

    as a belt, obi-style
    as a 3-knotted necklace (will look better with a very plain white shirt)
    as a 3-knotted headband with a tiara touch to it, i like to wear it off-center so the knots are more to one side of my head.
    scarf1.jpg scarf2.jpg scarf3.jpg scarf4.jpg
  2. Cute!!
  3. wow that's really incrediable! really adds nice touch to the whole look!

    I did the headband thing this morning and decided my head is too small to keep it in one place....maybe when my head grows bigger...:rolleyes:
  4. ^^^ lol. hey, what did i tell you about my pea head?! i find that wearing my hair in a pony or bun really helps to anchor the slippery scarf.
  5. HiHeels, those pics are lovely - stunning outfit. Thanks for showing us. Why, yes, we would love to see more!!!
  6. Thanks for the visuals. It really helps. You look great!
  7. cute pics - and I love your creative uses of a scarf!!!
  8. HH!! you look so cute!! I love the obi-belt picture :smile:
  9. all credit for the triple-knot style goes to poster GraceKelly, who generously shared it with me.
  10. very cute!!
  11. wow you are SOOO creative :smile:

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. I am scarf challeneged :sad: How did tie the scarf to create the headband look?
  13. i sent you a pm with specifics, but the sum of it is just making 3 knots. i always used the scarf as just a flat headband before, and it always slid off my head. this way it stays AND it's much more interesting.
  14. Ohhh, what a great idea with the 3-knots that help anchor on slippery hair! So gorgeous, thanks for the tip!!!

    Can you please teach us how to make a bun with hairpins? :flowers:
  15. lol. how about in a week or two i post a pictorial in the beauty forum? - super busy this week.