Ways to use Oxi Clean?

  1. Hello! I just bought Oxi Clean and would love to hear how you use this product in your home?
  2. It is the best for cleaning the occasional pet accident out of carpet. Better than any store bought pet product.:tup:
  3. I use it to soak my whites before washing them and they come out nice and bright. I don't soak them before each wash but do when they start looking a little dingy as I find white so hard to keep clean.
  4. I have used Oxy Clean to clean out the worst eBay purse buys :push: to great success!!!
  5. I use it to remivw stains from my laundry. I also use it to remove set in stains on my white tile floors. Hubby uses it to "distress" the metal bracelets of some of his watches.
  6. I use it to clean the grout anywhere we have tile. I don't like it as a laundry product.