Ways to use a Vision agenda

  1. Can you ladies share with me what other ways do you utilize your Vision agenda besides using it as an agenda?

    I don't have a habit of taking notes on an agenda (I prefer keying things into my phone) so the ONLY use I get out of it is using it as a checkbook. However, it seems a bit under-utilized if I'm just using it as a checkbook, right? What else can you do with it?
  2. wear it as a hat?

    panty liner holder?

    custom shoulder-pads?
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  4. Kou, I have the Vision Zip. I use it as a less bulky daytimer for travel (when I'm at home I use my big, ugly daytimer). It has a duplicate address book and calendar, which are the things I really need when on the road. Since it zips, I keep less-needed credit cards, frequent flyer cards and business cards in it, too.

    Instead of the big address book, I have the little folding one plus a notebook of blank pages in which I have reference info, such as the locations, phone numbers and parking locations for different H boutiques! It's a great size, I like it a lot.
  5. The problem with me is that I don't like to put notes in the address books and notebook. I prefer keeping the information on my cellphone so I can't really use the Vision Agenda for that purpose. I'm thinking of using it as a checkbook but other than that, I can't think of anything else... I know it will make a good passport holder but i'd be lucky if I even travel abroad once a year ...
  6. Yes, if you're cell-based, then there may not be a great need for an agenda. I'm paper-based, so I needed something small for travel. Do you have one, or are you just thinking of getting one?
  7. I'm thinking of getting one ... uh scratch that, I got one but am thinking of returning it ... I mean, I CAN use it as a checkbook since I still write checks, but other than that ... can't think of anything to do with it. It's frustrating because the only H thing I can really use regularly is the bag ...
  8. I'm cellbased too but I find that the day the batteries of your cell die, the little pull out addy book is a godsend :p
  9. i use mine as a wallet, including the checkbook.

    you could also use it to *thwapp* your rotten SA on the noggin'.

  10. [FONT=&quot]I am thinking of getting one that would hold a notebook on one side and my checkbook on the other side. Any suggestions about size and leather? It would rub up against my keys.[/FONT]
  11. I have one in aqua chevre that I love - and I use it as a wallet. It holds my checkbook, money, cards and on occasion, my Blackberry. It's the perfect size to hold the Blackberry out of the holster. And, I agree with Perja, it does help to have an "old-fashioned" back up address book in hard copy. I use the small H insert for that.
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    I have been on the lookout for a non-fugly holder for my Blackberry. Every girl in Wash DC has one and they are SO overdone I wanted a little hideaway...

    Thank you!!! :yahoo: Happy!!
  14. You're welcome! Not to hijack Kou's thread or anything (b/c it really is on topic...), but I'll find a picture that I took of my Blackberry resting nicely in my Vision....
  15. [​IMG]

    And it zips neatly over it without too much "bulge"