Ways to tie a bandeau

  1. I want to buy all the newest scarf (love, étoile and diamant) but it would be expensive..so, i thought i could buy the bandeau version..but i don't know how to tie that on the neck..is it possible?:confused1:
  2. or as a belt or on the wrist? I'm wondering too so I will bump this one!
  3. I just received the groom bandeau...still trying to work out the best way of tying mine. But yea, it looks cute as a belt!
  4. whenever I wear my scarves I always get compliments - people saying how smart I look ... however I also get told I look like a travel agent as they wear scarves like that LOL ... I just wrap the bandeau around my neck a couple of times - tie in a double knot and then puff out the ends so it looks pretty - I also always move it to the left side a bit ( does that make sense LOL) - I would take a pic but my camera just died -
  5. Can you wear it as a headband?
  6. I have 3 bandeaus and I wear them as headbands (make sure you wear one of those thin elastic headbands under it). I also wear them as belts. I have yet to tie them around my neck.
  7. i would tie it on a speedy. but first. i need a speedy. and a bandeau.
  8. I want one =)
    I would wear as a headband for sure, also as a 'belt' - low.
    Also recently saw in Bazaar a model wearing a long pearl necklace with a bandeau (not LV) tied around it - like a decoration at the bottom of the necklace - I'll try to find a pic.
  9. If you can find some pics please post them!:flowers:
  10. def in a bow around a bag, as a headband or around a ponytail, around your wrist as a bracelet, as a belt, around your neck. there are endless possibilities.
  11. Holy wow!
    How did ya'll know I bought a bandeau today!??!

    weeeiiirrrddd...I hadn't thought of 1/2 these ways to wear it! Thank you all! :flowers:
  12. I wanna know too!

    Been wanting to get a bandeau but didn't know exactly how to wear it.... LOL