Ways to sport a bandeu?

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  1. Hi all, I currently have a brand new groom bandeu still sitting in it's box because well, I can't decide how to wear it! So, for those of you who have a bandeu, how do you wear them? In your hair? As a clothing accessory? Since I don't carry one of my LV's around campus, I haven't attached it to the handles of my bag yet because I don't want to get it dirty. But I was just curious as to how everyone else wears their bandeu :yes:
  2. tie it on the bag, hair, belt, neck, as a tie,
  3. bagsnbags said em all!!! however, i'd like to add another one: accessorize your PET!!! lol My cat hates leashes and all things that are hard/solid, however, he loves LV scarves/bandeaux! lol
  4. Yup..I've used mine as a hair tie and around my waist. I don't really want to put it on my bag though for some reason. I had a picture of me with my fuchsia perfo one in my hair but my laptop died and my new one doesn't have it on it. I'll try to send it to myself from my phone..if I can I'll post it hehe.
  5. tie on my bags, neck, waist and hair (tho rarely)
  6. Here we go...and ya it's backwards lol.