Ways to make some extra money (leagally!!)

  1. Hiya!

    Since the Holidays are upon us and money gets tight, I was wondering if anyone has any side jobs or knows of ways to make some extra money around the holidays. My BF and I jsut bought a condo and I already have a 9-5 so I am not looking for a part time job, but I was wondering what my fellow tpfers do to make some extra cash!!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I wouldnt mind having a little side job too. I have weeks where I dont have squat to do, so a side job would be fun! I hope you get some people with some ideas!
  3. ^ yeah me too!!
  4. Me tooooo! Im interested to see what people will have to say:smile:
  5. I don't know if this helps, but I work a 8-5 job (in PR) and then one night a week and one weekend a month, I am work as the receptionist at the personal shopping area of a large department store. It gives me extra cash, I love the people I work with, and best of all, I get the discount! It helps since I would be spending money to buy things there anyway:p
  6. Well-since it is the holiday season-how about getting a job as seasonal help at a local store or a big department store? Most places hire extra people this time of year and you usually get a store discount too.

    Or, how about babysitting? here in NYC people will pay $15 an hour for an adult babysitter and there is always need for them.
  7. Yeah I just spent my whole college career as a nanny to this wonderful family. I must say that I am totally burned out on the whole babysitting thing. But that was a good idea.

    I am not to crazy about getting a part time job either, I work really hard at the job I am at now and get totally burned out. I was just wondering if there were any other ideas people have...like if you do some enevelope stuffing for a company or something for some extra money (I don't even know if that exists, just trying to think of something!)
  8. For clerical work, go to a temporary placement agency. What about dog walking?
  9. There is house cleaning and you could work as much or as little as you like.

    I dabble in a couple things that bring in extra cash such as being an Avon representative as well as a PartyLite consultant. I also am a certified makeup artist so do bridal parties and such on the side.
  10. those sort of jobs don't pay much at all and it is really hard to find legit ones. My niece in law used to stuff envelopes and now she makes little hair barrettes and other hair thingies for a different company-lots of tedious work, tons of boxes in your house and very little per piece payments. Also, I believe that the checks for those take a while.

    Are you crafty or a good baker? do you have a skill of something you can do from home that people would pay for? Perhaps you can make cookie baskets, or chocolate baskets? Put people's photo albums together? Walk dogs? pet sit, house sit? Maybe you can sew or knit things? make up fliers, do invitations? there are lots of things that people don;'t have time to do for themselves that they would happily pay someone else to do for them.
  11. Get a PT at a high end department store. I know when I was working at the makeup counter I was getting like12-15/hour+commission.

    Currently I work at Ann Taylor, pay is not so great, but the discount is fantastic.

    Just make sure you do something FUN, then it won't seem like you're doing work.
  12. I serve tables at a higher end restaurant. If you don't get too flustered and can manage your time and tasks well, you might look into that. I get anywhere from 100-180 a night. Lately, I've been avging over 400 dollar checks for 3 days work.
  13. This will sound trite, but I sell stuff I don't want anymore on eBay. This past weekend I sold 2 small items and made $45. Not a huge chunk by any means, but a little extra spending money.

    I also volunteer for focus groups and get called every once in a while. My last one paid $225 cash, although mostly they're around $100 cash. The only thing is that you can't rely on them as regular income.
  14. Envelope stuffing has mostly gone away .... usually this is all automated these days.

    Besides, why risk the paper cuts? LOL
  15. I love how you added legally in parenthesis. lol. I was gonna suggest eBay too.