Ways to Make Room for H

  1. OK I am now officially addicted to Hermes goods, although I am now slightly concerned about how I am going to fund these lovely babies going forward.

    My usual modus operandi in the past was to just buy whatever handbag caught my fancy, resulting in a full wardrobe of bags I'm not that interested in any more (poor little things! :crybaby: ). Since Hermes bags can cost quite a bit more than the average Balenciaga, Chloe or LV, something's gotta give -- I can't keep up with the old MO.

    What I'm wanting to hear about is how you have "made room" for your Hermes collection -- or do you make room? Have you sold off all your no longer loved bags, and if so did you use eBay, consignment, or something else? Or do you just keep everything? :nuts: I am prone to doing just that, ie hoarding, but I want to be able to justify my new H-acquisitions.

    I'd love to hear any and all stories! :jammin:
  2. Id love to hear everyones stories too! Im a 'H' newbie too!
  3. I sold quite a few of my bags (I would say about 75% of my collection) in order to make room and funds :nuts: for my new Hermes addiction. Most of the bags were sold on eBay.:wlae:
  4. Same here...I've sold sold and sold!! I still have a couple of LV bags (one white for summer and one damier for rainy days)...but that's it. ANd I don't want a big collection, but it has taken a little bit to learn which colors/leathers I prefer...so now I only buy if I sell another...which bag/styles are you interested in? We love to help! ANd there are quite a few great reputable sellers on e-bay that we can help you with if you decide to go that way - sometimes a great deal can be found!
  5. Although I am in the same boat as you (converting to H) I don't think I CAN get rid of any of my bags! Most of my designer bags were presents from DH. :love: They all hold love for me, so if I do start getting rid of any, they have to be pre-DH!

    Of course, money wise, I am trying to fund H by NOT buying every IT bag I start lusting for :graucho:
  6. I gave most of my 'other' bags away to friends and family. Have a couple left that I will sell since none of my friends want them...

    Kept my Chanels.
  7. I never sold any of my other bags. So far I have kept eveything. It is true that the Gucci, LV etc get used much less that the H bags. Th emarket is so flooded with fakes that I would never get much for my authentic bags I figure.

    I used to by 5 or six LV/ Gucci /Prada/ Burberry a year. Instead of doing that I now can buy one or two H per year ( although I am exceeding that quota this year). I am fine with that. I never charge my handbags (keeps me honest).

    It's hard to sell of the other bags since I try not to duplicate colors and styles, plus each one was purchased as either a gift or in celebration.

    At some point I have to take pictures of them all....
  8. Exactly the same MO....:yahoo:
  9. I too am recently smitten with H! I am going to narrow my collection to H and Chanel in the coming months. I've already cleared out all but 3 LVs, all but 2 Chloes. I must say that I am having a hard time parting with my Balenciagas though...I sell most things on ebay or to friends.
  10. I need to sell off and give away some of my collection because it hasn't seen the light of day in ages! But I am lazy. :rolleyes: LOL
    I'll keep my 3 LVs because I love them and they are great for when I don't want to carry my H bags. (Like when it was raining super hard in SF I switched to my Saleya...no worries!)
  11. I sold bags but also am at the point now of only buying something I absolutely love, not simply like or need. This has helped immensely in affording me the opportunity to buy Hermes items that make my heart flutter while not feeling guilty about it. If you still love something after carrying it 500 times it is SO WORTH IT!
  12. This is me too. :supacool:
  13. Me too!!!
  14. I really need to take the time to sell some of the bags I never seem to use anymore!!
  15. Sold everything except my grey Chanel 255 Re-issue and my Mothers LV Mono Speedy. The rest is glorius Hermes!!!!