ways to carry your kelly

  1. I always close the straps of my kelly when I carry it, that's because it seems to get "ruined" by the heavy things I have inside if carryed with the straps open. Is it only my impression? Haw do you carry it?
  2. if i wanted a formal look comletel cloesed for a more casual look flaps hanging freely but tucked under the main flap .
  3. Thanks Lilach! Good suggestions
    But how about ruining the shape of the kelly?
  4. never ever had any problems (iam careful to my bags but i do not baby them) and the flaps do not give that much support anyways ;)
  5. I always carry mine closed. Since my Kelly is still new I haven't learned to just "relax" with her just yet.:shame: :P
  6. I leave my straps down under the flap also - very casual -- I have heard it can be harder on the turnkey though so I will try to be better!
  7. I used to be very cautious and always closed the bag everytime but then I got lazy. I still do that if I am walking out on the street but otherwise, I just put the main flap over the turnkey and let the little straps hang under the main flap.
  8. Posssibly I am the only badly behaved girl here, but on my clemence Kellys and with the Kelly in my avatar which is buffalo and toile (only these leathers because they are soft) I tuck the flap inside and close the straps at the front. I can then get in and out of these bags without undoing the straps, a bit like with my Birkins. And I only do this on my 35cm and 32cm bags. It is probably terrible but I confess that it works great and none of the bags show any ill efffects at all!
  9. Same for me:yes:
  10. So where do all of you ladies put your lock or do you not carry it with you?
  11. I always carried mine closed. As for the lock, I hang it with the leather strap so that it acts as a semi purse charm.:flowers:
  12. My lock is on the left-hand handle "ring". I carry it like Lilach described. I don't hang the lock with the clochette, because box scratches so bloody easy (as i'm discovering!), and I'm worried about adding to that!!

    Box also attracts fingerprints, especially if you touch-up your make-up and then touch your black box bag!!! - UGH!!!
  13. As S. says, the turnkey can bend in the long run if you only close the flap without the straps, it's happened to me...:yes: So now I always close at least one strap....
  14. That's a very important suggestion! I used to hang it with the clochette because I was afraid on the other way it could scrach the HW

    Thanks Kristie:flowers:
  15. oh wow. did hermes repair it for you?

    and using the straps makes a big difference with this?
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