Ways to accessorise your reissue??

  1. Hey gals I was just thinking (I think it was the whole saga of whether they had given me a black pearl reissue without the pearls and accessories that started it)... Do any of you think there is a way for us to accessorise our reissues to make them even MORE beautiful??? I don't know, like adding a twilly-like scarf, or winding a thin piece of silk between the ruthenium straps etc... Ideas please!!!
  2. heh i actually love the reissue just as it is, without any accessories ;) maybe a twilly on a 227 reissue could work because the proportions of the bag are big enough? I can't really see a twilly on anything smaller than a 227, but that's just me! you never know, why don't you try it out on your new reissue and take some pics for us? heh! :smile:
  3. I know what you mean nightshade, the reissue is beautiful enough! I will experiment and post pics hehe...
  4. I don't accessorize my reissue. I think it's beautiful even though its not accessorized. :biggrin: