wayfarer sunglasses - help, please

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  1. obviously i have sunnies onthe brain. i've noticed wayfarers getting attention again, away from the big sunglasses (i like both) are the wayfarers too 1980s? what's your thought on them? i still like the oversized glasses, i always have. i like the wayfarers, too. hmmm. thoughts & opinions, please! btw- i would get tortoiseshell.:supacool:
  2. i really dont like them. someone somewhere must be able to look good in them though other wise they wouldnt be produced
  3. i think they're ok looking, but tricky to pull off. definitely try a pair on before buying. i've noticed a lot of celebrities wearing them in magazines...i think wayfarers were in the last issue of people or us mag. good luck!
  4. ^ i know i saw them somewhere- and then i stumbled on them on elux. they def. remind ome of the 80s, though. i'm thinking i should just stick w.my jackie o type glasses. hmm. thanks!
  5. i actually really like them, i think they're very fabulous and retro. i'm also lusting after a pair of rayban aviators, although i don't really need them.
  6. I wanted a pair, too. I tried them on tonight and felt too 80ish. I think it's a trend that won't last. I know everyone says wayfarer's are always in, but I don't think so.
  7. I think they look great. However, they're hard to pull off because it's such an angular shape. You have to have a very small face and delicate features to look good in them. Example: Kirsten Dunst, Olsen twins. I have a full round face and when I tried them on, I just looked stupid.
  8. i think only some people look good with them on (sold sunnies before for 3 years). if they look good on you, get them because i think it's kind of hard to fit a face to them.