Way too expensive for a first bag??

  1. lol- message the seller. I'm pretty sure the seller is trying to take advantage of holiday shoppers. :yes:

  2. yeha i think so! it's double what you woud pay in the stores and its second hand... i hope no one buys it
  3. is it my eyes playing tricks on me - do you see some brown patches on some parts of the bag? anyways, i think even an 04 bag may not fetch such a high return.. no indication of the year of the leather.

  4. i asked trying to figure out why it was so expensive but as of yet no response. i'll keep you updated though....

    quite a mystery if you ask me ! :shrugs:
  5. I find it really funny actually! In all honesty I hope somebody does BIN the darn bag- Ebayer's neeeeed to do their homework, honestly!

    I've seen a Day bag go for $1 MILLION dollars---oops, I mean- 4k and I thought that was hilarious! ;)
  6. ....FOUR THOUSAND! jesus what type was it
  7. Wow......they're really stretching out on a limb there! I can see if it's an earlier ('01-'04) discontinued collectible color (maybe) but when you can get a Black First everyday of the yr? Mmmmm.......:shrugs:
  8. Me too......I love Bbags but not enough to pay that much!
  9. And I dont even pay my black GSH that much!
  10. It didn't go for 4000, it was 4000 BIN or best offer, it went for 800 and it was kind of a joke made by the seller, a lovely tPFer.

    As far as this first goes, I saw it too and thought that this bag is just going to sit there and never get sold. There are some sellers that are just ridiculous, charging prices that, I think, they wish they could sell the bag, but they are totally unrealistic. This is not a black Hermes Birkin, there is no premium to be had for resellers, you can buy it anytime at BalNY. It's their listing fees, not mine.

  11. ooooh yeah i saw a thread about that listing v.cute .

    i thought she meant one got SOLD for 4000 so i assumed it was one of the holy grail colours

    i really want to see if anyone buys this first, i've asked what year it is and so far no response.
  12. The tag had a "V" on it. Isn't that last year? Very odd. If she is a member here she'd know the prices- DUH....
  13. oh yes i remember now. it was hilarious. i think there's a thread about it somewhere in this sub-forum.