Way to take a stand Candace!

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  1. Candace takes a stand against fakeroo's and gets published!

    I was casually reading the September Vanity Fair I had bought to read on the train from when a name jumped out of the page. I thought, could that possibly be a tpfer, and I have confirmed that it is indeed our Candace that wrote in and was quoted in the mailbag portion of the letters to the editor. Here's a copy of the article, because if you read what she wrote you won't go run out and buy a copy just to see someone you know in print. :P
    Way to go Candace! :drinkup::drinks:


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  2. I certainly am not buying a copy of the magazine! :biggrin:
  3. Go candace!
  4. :woohoo:
  5. Woo hoo! Way to stand up for what is right!
  6. :rochard: I do try!
  7. :woohoo:, Candace! Right on, Girl!

    I'm surprised how flippant they were about your words.
  8. ^YA, I almost felt they were sort of "mocking me" by putting "quotes" around my observation of "low ethical standards".
  9. That's very awesome of you Candace! What was the original article about that you responded to? I've never heard of Graydon.
  10. oh, the dude was bragging about buying fakes and fooling people that worked for the actual company!
  11. Idiots! People never cease to amaze me. I picked up on the mocking for sure. I don't and after this - won't subscribe to VF. Ever.
  12. I feel like writing again. I love word sparring with crazy people!
  13. OMG!! I just read the article (here's a link for those that haven't read it: http://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/2008/07/graydon200807) and I'm sure that if we emailed the advertisers showing our anger at his casual acceptance of counterfeit merchandise, they'll think twice about revnewing contracts with Vanity Fair.

    I used to love that magazine. Can someone tell me who their main high end advertisers are? I'll send them emails tonight.
  14. ^^^Great idea!!!!!