Way To Much Decollete !!!!!

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  1. Well the Summer will be here before we now it ! So I was thinking.

    How much is to much cleavage ?

    When is it to much ?

    When does it become just not sexy ?

    How much skin are you comfortable showing ?

    I am exposed to 3 differant views:
    I have clients and work scenes that say the more you show the more attention you get.

    I have friends that love to show lots of skin and complain when Men respond,

    I personally
    am very comfortable with my body I work hard for it and I keep it healthy and toned. Im not afraid to show a little clevage and skin.

    What are your thoughts ?
  2. I am a very open minded kind of girl. I have lots of cleavage that I paid big $$$ for, but I like to save all of it for my hubbys eyes only. Thats just my opinion. I see nothing wrong with showing cleav. if you are feeling really great about yourself. Just have to be willing to accept people that cant except what you are showing. Make sence??
  3. Decolte? Cleavage? Disgusting!
  4. I think as long as its in good taste its fine. I have some low cut tops but I'm by no means bursting out of them. Can't think of any celeb examples off hand but I've seen some pics that were not in good taste at all :lol:
  5. A cup here. oh well.
  6. Personally, I don't have much in the way of cleavage ( try as a might) so I'm not too concerned with overexposing. :-P I've found I can pull off a lot of more sheer, lower cut tops because I lack in that area!

    As far as showing skin, it's totally situational. For instance, in a work setting I'd tend to be more conservative, because I feel that's appropriate. At the beach, I have no problem with a tiny bikini. Around my family, a little more conservative, because... well, who wants to be showing a lot of skin around their family?? Then, for everyday causal settings, I'm a short skirt kind of girl- not trashy barely covering my bum... but I don't mind showing off a lot of leg( hey, like Pradasmeadow said, I work hard for them and I want to show them off!).

    I think that having a sense of knowing when to, and how much skin you should show off can make the difference between trashy, and sexy/ classy. The other day in class, there was this girl who wasn't exactly small. She was wearing an extremely low cut top and she was SPILLING out of it- seriously, I'm surprised I didn't see nipple. bleh.

    Classy Cleavage:

    TRASHY cleavage:

  7. No cleavage really here but I agree with Dani. There's classy/sexy and trashy.
  8. Sometimes I like wear shirts that expose cleavage, shirts like V necks because I have a 34D but I am a petite petite girl and I have a tiny frame and my chest is way to big for me. I want to get a breast reduction but I will wait a couple of years so I can have kids before I get it done. Wearing a v neck and exposing the cleaving makes me breats look smaller than if i wore a regular collared shirt. It makes me look like two walking breasts. Many people that I KNOW say i over exagerate but i truly dislike my big breasts and ouch do they hurt me. Wearing cleavage exposing shirts gives the illusion of smaller breasts and Its ok because I have a beautiful shape and most people would say not to get a reduction. But i want to do it because it hurts hurts hurts my back.

  9. Those pics look the same to me except pam's boobs are bigger, and that's probably about as classy as she's been. I'm not a huge cleavage fan, because I can't stop staring at it and i find it really annoying. I mean, I don't actually STARE but it keeps catching my eye and i feel like its just distracting. lol I swear i'm not a guy!!! Anyways, I'm not one for having it or seeing it. But I think if its done it looks better on girls with smaller chests. Personally when I've had it I see everyone staring at it and it makes me uncomfortable.
  10. i definitely agree that if ur smaller chested u can get away with wearing pretty much anything and it won't look as vulgar as if someone larger chested woudl wearing it (or at least that's whati tell myself when i buy low cut tops :amuse:)

    but i have like no chest to speak of so not relaly an issue :wacko:
  11. they're sooo different. Scarlette (sp?) has en elegent dress on, and it enhances her natural cleavage. Miss Pamela, on the other hand, always makes a point of showing off her (rather large) assests in the tackiest of ways. ( but, since they're her main claim to fame, I guess she has to.)
  12. i think as much as you feel comfortable with is fine until you come to the pam anderson/lil' kim line thats waaay to far but anything in the comfort zone and still classy is A OK w/ me :biggrin: