Way to go customer service!

  1. After being less than thrilled with the help I received yesterday at the boutique, I was feeling a little down on Coach (not the bags, but some of the SAs at the store I went to), but their customer service has pulled through and once again, I am a happy camper!

    I ordered a zoe white/black clutch 2 Fridays ago. It came last week, but was damaged (had some spots and things on it), so I took it back to the store where I ordered it yesterday. Now the reason I ordered it last week was so that I would have it to use this upcoming weekend (I didn't want any issues with it not getting to me in time), so when I'm returning it yesterday, I explain that to the SA and ask if there's anyway we can expedite the shipping. I figured since it was Coach's fault that I had to return it (damaged bag), they'd upgrade shipping for free. She says they'll only do it if I pay for the expedited shipping. Now, even though I know I probably should have argued with her, I didn't (I'm kind of a wimp that way) - I figure regular delivery takes 3-5 days, so it should be here by Friday, so I'll let it go.

    Well, when I try to track my order today, it shows it's still in the warehouse and now I'm very concerned that it won't get here in time for the weekend. So I call CS and explained the situation - the girl upgraded me to 2-3 day shipping for free! So while it took a little work, I'm thrilled and should have my bag by Thursday. Now here's hoping this one is ok!

    Just wanted to share the story so if anyone else has to go through this and gets turned down for expedited shipping, you'll know to try CS!
  2. wow!!! that's really great!! am happy for you willowsmom!
  3. Yay, willowsmom!
  4. Glad to hear it. Kof P had tried to get me a Legacy Fr Wallet or 2. They told me if they couldn't pull it, I would get a phone call... No call... So I check the caller ID to clear it out and see they called - I guess they couldn't get it - they did not leave a message...

    I have it on my to do list - that & the PW wallets - to check on prices on my receipt.
  5. That's great! I hope it gets here in time and in perfect condition!
  6. Woohoo!! hope it arrives safe and sound!
  7. That's great, I'm glad they upgraded you for free. They definitely should have. :smile:
  8. that is lovely to hear!