waxy leather vs soft buttery leather?

  1. happy monday everyone! I was at a friend's this weekend and checking out her balenciaga collection, and I noticed that some of them were a melt-in-your-hand type of leather while other colors were a more stiff waxy crackled kind of leather.

    I really do want a city, but want an apple green in the buttery soft leather - is there such a thing??
  2. I believe you are referring to the older style leather that we all hoped would come back. The Apple Green is (I believe,but could be wrong) made from the older style buttery soft leather- so if you can find the city- you are all set! Good luck!
  3. I am trying to train my eye because I can't really tell the type of leather by pics. some of the apple green pics on this site have a waxy appearance and some have a soft-butter appearaance. let me see if i can find some and post to see if i can get help with the leathers lol
  4. Apple Green is from Spring 05, so it is still the soft buttery leather, and only was released that one season so you wont find it in the new leather. They may look different to you due to lighting and/or how much use the bag has received as they do get even softer over time.

    Apple green is a highly saught after colour so if you are lucky enough to find one, hold on to it for dear life! There are several people here, myself included, that would kill to have one!:nuts:
  5. all these pics were collected on this site so I am assuming they are all authentic, so can someone help train my eye so that I don't get burned :smile: ?

    ok so this one looks really soft to me:

    while this one looks a bit stiff/waxy to me:

    and then this one looks soft again!

    and then yet again, this one looks waxy to me again -

    I am determined to get an apple city bbag but need to really educate myself on how to go about selecting one because I think the only way I will find it is online and that is pretty scary to me after my horrible ebay experience.
  6. Here is a pic (courtesy of ranskimmie i believe :smile:
  7. A lot of the variations are due to the flash on the camera. It's the soft leather, so if you can find it- hold on to it!!!
  8. That last picture is mine - see my avi. ;). It looks waxy because of the way the light's hitting it - its really soft and buttery up close. And its definitely not stiff - that damn thing collapses on me as soon as I take anything out of it.
  9. oooh I still yet to have a chance to touch this old buttery soft leather... maybe one day...
  10. Does anyone know if the pre-fall 2005 leather was the softer one or the waxier version? (the Bordeaux in particular)
  11. From what I know that is the "old" leather. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  12. I have the bordeaux from pre-Fall 2005 and it is in the new leather. The leather is thinner and waxier. :sad:
  13. ooh... ok. thanks for letting me know... now I'm having second thoughts... I liked the old leather so much! :sad:
  14. All of those pictures of the apple green bag look butter soft to me. If you want to see what "waxy" looks like...take a look at my 06 cornflower. Can you see the difference between the leather of the cornflower and the red-rouge bag? The leather doesn't even feel the same. And I have no idea of the red-rouge from Fall 05 is the old or new leather. :wacko:

  15. Bummer!!!