Waxing Products

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  1. Can anyone recommend any waxing products?

    I always shave my legs but I would like to try waxing.

    Thanks so much.
  2. I would also like to know :smile: Right now I use Nads and if I get lazy, I use an electric tweezer for my arms and legs.
  3. i have a warmer and use gigi hard wax u dont have to use the strips and i love it! u def should get the warmer i got mine at sally's beauty supply for
  4. ^^ I thought it would be so much more! No strips huh. How do you use it without strips??
  5. The wax hardens and you rip it off instead of ripping off the cloth. It's good for sensitive areas, but for large areas, it will crack and it does not grab all of the hairs. For face, I use poetic waxing, which hardens and you rip it off. For body I use hot wax from Parisa with cloth strips or their warm wax that comes flat and comes off with a plastic strip. I even gave myself a bikini wax with it!
  6. Thanks for the info stefania :flowers::flowers:
  7. thanks for the info ladies! :smile:
  8. try moom or better yet, prepare your own halawa, works better than hot wax IMO, no chicken skin for me....