Waxer in London?

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  1. I am looking to have a Brazilian done, not been for ages - can anyone recommend a central London waxer?
  2. Bumping

    I'm interested too as I'm quite often there for mtgs and it would be quite useful :yes:
  3. Otylia Roberts at Daniel Hersheson, Conduit Street. She does it for people like Gwyneth, Victoria Beckham (but does the fact that I've been told equal undesirable indiscretion :upsidedown:) but beware that there is a long (and I mean LONG) queue!


    You need Brazilian wax for meetings?! :wtf: What kind of meeting is that, LOL?
  4. LOL, it didn't sound ok, did it?? :roflmfao:
    I meant that, as I travel so often to London (for business reasons, mostly :yes:), sometimes I don't have time to go to my regular waxer in Amsterdam and it would be really useful to have an address where to go to in London (as I regularly use Blink @ Selfridges for eyebrows shaping) whenever I have a couple of hours free...
    I hope it's more clear now... I wouldn't want people to think that I'm showing my brazilian around LOL :shame: