Wavy Speedy =(

  1. It will be almost 2 weeks since I bought my speedy 25 and the sides are already looking a bit wavy to me :push:
    I'm really anal about these little things so it really bothers me.
    If my 2 weeks expire this Thursday, do you think it's possible for me to be able to exchange mine for a new one by the 2 week deadline?
  2. :confused1: Do you mean the creases? Any pics?
  3. Pics would help...if its the creases they will lessen after time.
  4. if it's crease from folding it flat, it should even out w/use.
  5. A new one would have the same thing. The creases will come out with time. Just don't store it flat from now on. It will get better.
  6. My digital camera broke a while ago so I can't post pictures at the moment :yucky:
    I'm actually talking about the sides of the bag.
    The whole bag is pretty structured except for a side thats wavy unlike the other straight sides.
    Does this make sense haha?
    Are all speedies like this and am I just being anaL? :confused1:
  7. What type of speedy? The monogram canvas speedy will have lines for awhile. The lines will eventually disappear. Now, if you have an epi speedy, that could be a different story.
  8. If you are talking about a wave on the side of the bag - it's probably the crease from being stored flat.
  9. Put a piece of cardboard in the bottom of the bag and it will help it to retain its shape. Was your bag folded when you bought it ?
    If so over stuff it with a towel or sheet to help smooth out the wrinkles, then when you put the cardboard in there it will be nice :smile:

  10. You can also stuff the speedy with a towel to keep it's rounded shape - I do this when I'm not using mine ! :yes:
  11. Hmmm I am not sure what wavey means. I think I am just the opposite...I love mine when it's more squishy and unstructured.
  12. lol, just what drives me crazy....I know alot of people love that broken it look.

    If you don't, and that's what your talking about, a piece of cardboard or a magazine at the bottom will help.
  13. Would that be the "slouch" of the bag? If so, that's natural.

  14. yup, and it will also get softer ,squishy in use.