"Wavy" flap on my Favorite

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  1. image.jpeg Hi all! I posted this question in the Favorite clubhouse last night but haven't had any responses. Please forgive me for posting here too! I'm just worried about my bag! I've only got one LV bag and it's my Favorite!

    I bought my bag in Dec 2012. I don't use it often at all, maybe a total of four months since then. I noticed last year that the flap developed these "waves" on it. Like, when a piece of paper gets wet and dries...and the paper gets wavy? I can feel the waves when I run my hand over the flap. Is this normal?

    I thought it happened because I got caught in the rain once. I put her under my shirt but it got a little wet. Does monogram do this when wet? Or is it because I didn't stuff it with paper when I wasn't using it? I stuff it now ever since I noticed the waves. I took a picture but the waves are pretty hard to see...there are three "dips" in the canvas across the width of the flap.

    If anyone could tell me what they think I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  2. I don't think that it should wave across the flap like that. For piece of mind I would take it back to LV and ask an SA about it. Good luck.
  3. This is abnormal. I think there is a piece of cardboard? Or similar material in the flap and maybe when u got it wet it got warped also maybe because u didn't stuff it the "cardboard" got bent. Take it back to LV. The only issue I know about the favorite is the creasing in the flap.
  4. In the Favorite clubhouse, there are quite a few people that have experienced this wave on the top flap no matter how it was stored especially in monogram. I would take it back.
  5. Thank you Chagall. I will do so. I thought I had messed it up somehow and felt badly about it for months. I'm glad I asked about it here on PF.
  6. Ok, thank you Kitty! I will ask LV about this. Maybe I will try to go tomorrow. It's been like this so long I hope they then tell me what happened exactly.
  7. Oh, I didn't know others had this same experience! I will read the clubhouse thread through to see. Thanks for letting me know Chauwall!
  8. I had the exact same thing with mine in DE. It wasn't even 6 months old. Most people get a crease along the line of the magnet but mine was wavy like yours and on the same side as yours. There are pics in the Favorite clubhouse. LV deemed it "normal wear and tear" but my amazing SA and her manager made an accommodation for me and let me return it. I bought a different bag. Hope they will make this right for you.
  9. Thanks for your reply summergirl! I don't know if they will do anything for me since I bought mine in 2012. It just never crossed my mind this could be a defect. I just thought it was somehow my fault. Well, I'm actually at the mall now waiting for my husband to meet me. I'll ask but don't have much hope. I'll update as to what happens. Thanks again!
  10. Well, in case anyone is interested, I took my favorite to the boutique this evening. When I arrived I spoke with an SA and she ushered me to the repairs area. She didn't even want to look at the bag with me. At the repairs area, a lady came out and I explained to her. She said there wasn't anything wrong with my bag. She also said she worked in Shipping. I asked to speak with the Repairs manager. She paged the Repairs manager, and while we waited, she brought out three new favorites to show me that their flaps were wrinkled as well. I looked at the new ones. They were wrinkled around the edges from storage but the flap itself was smooth, not wavy like mine.

    The repairs Manager came and said my favorite is normal. She said the waves happened because I didn't stuff the bag when I stored it. So I should go home and stuff it. Even when I said I'd read online that this issue is pretty well known, she said she'd never seen this before. I then asked if the gold plate could be replaced because it is heavily scratched. In the clubhouse thread many people said LV would replace free of charge. But she said it would be $60. And that people write a lot of stuff on the internet that isn't true.

    So, while I had very little hope they would do anything as extreme as give me store credit or exchange for a bag I bought in 2012, I hoped they would at least acknowledge the issue as valid and offer to try to repair it. They wouldn't even try to repair. Anyway, I left.

    PS, I asked to see the new empreinte speedy. To be honest I wasn't that impressed with the quality. I haven't been in LV since 2012, but when I touched the leather it felt thin, and looked dry and wrinkled. Probably it would soften up with use but it just didn't feel like an expensive bag to me.

    Finally, I know it was a Saturday evening, but the mobs of people in the boutique was kind of a turn off. I was really looking forward to getting a new LV bag this Christmas but I think I will look elsewhere.

    Sorry for the super long post, but I just feel disappointed with the brand today. Feels nice to get it out though. Thanks for everyone's replies to my question.
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    You can't really expect LV to exchange a bag that is 4 years old (without a known defect). Whether used or stored, bags are going to get creases. It also depends on the weight of the bag's contents. My St Germain has developed a permanent crease in the flap, which is more pronounced when I carry a lot. What people here claim to be a defect is not neccesarily the case. I guess LV consider defects to be something that renders the bag unusable like melted glazing, magnets that don't close, handle pins that fall out, cracked canvas etc. It appears to me that the ripples on this style of bag are simply a character trait, which many bags have. E.g. Alma bb handles get creases underneath with use, Speedy's tend to sag, creases develop on the St Germains etc. I think your bag looks fine and I hope you will enjoy using it for at least another 4 years.:smile:
  12. Could the waves be contributing from the plague/magnetic? It doesn't look to bad.
  13. Thanks vinbenphon! I do feel better now. I didn't think they would do anything as extreme as exchange the bag. I guess I was hoping they would offer to repair it (somehow) or at least acknowledge the issue even if they couldn't repair. Or maybe there isn't an issue at all, as you pointed out. I guess I got a little paranoid after checking out the favorite clubhouse and seeing people post about their creases and waves. So I thought I did have a legitimate issue. Anyway, I'm choosing not to obsess over it anymore!
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  14. Hi Luxe_addiction, it could be from the magnetic closure, as you suggested. My husband thinks the flap got wavy because of how I normally open the bag. I usually pull the flap up from the corner since I don't like to touch the gold plate - for fear of scratching it. Eh...worrying about my bag is so tiring. Whatever is causing the waves I don't think I care anymore!
  15. I'm sorry you got this answer but I'm not surprised. As I told you my 6 month old was messed up and deemed normal wear and tear. It had been used maybe 5 times. Stored stuffed, upright, with bubble wrap between the magnet. Try calling corporate or tell them to re look at the bag again. Good luck!