waves to pfers in HK~

  1. hii to the pfers in HK! i just wanted to know if chanels are cheaper in hong kong [:yahoo: ] or relatively the same price? i am going to be going there in july and would save my purchases until then if i can save a bit here and there. thanks!
  2. Hi, if nobody has any info. for you before then, I am going to HK at the end of next month and plan on doing some comparison shopping, so feel free to list some things for me to check out if you have specific bags in mind and happy to report back :yes:
  3. yay macbagger, when will you stay till? the weather is just beautiful in may! if it's not too troublesome, i want to know the prices of the GST, med/large caviar flap, and baby cabas in leather (if they're sold there). you can never have too many flaps!
  4. Okie...I'm comparing the bowler (Chanel in Hk Airport)...with the 1 in Singapore...abt SGD$100-$150 cheaper in HK..personally I still feel that US is cheaper & the cheapest is still in Paris
  5. oh no, does that mean i'll have to change my plans for hk to paris?! :shrugs:
  6. Hi Sweet-pees I will keep your list w/me for when I go (househunting trip!) -- just wondering since I don't know anything about the Cabas in your wish list, if the Baby is a specific bag or just the smaller size, but you might want to look at the listing I posted in Chanel eBay finds section -- it is Navy. :smile:
  7. Hello. I am new to this forum and to Chanel. My next flight to HK will be on Mar 12. I can check the medium caviar's price for you. I will post it when I find out. :yes:
  8. i think the cabas only comes in that huge size and the baby is the smaller one. it is too cute! i will check the chanel eBay finds section now ;]
  9. thank you thank you thank you!! i hope u'll have a blast in hk!! i love it there! especiallyyyy mong kok.
  10. hey there! i hope i'm not too late for this topic.. I'm from HK and particularly for your question, I'm not quite sure if it is cheaper here in HK.. Before, I used to get cheaper bags because of discounts because my mom works in the hk airport and they have 25% discounts on all shops in the airport. But I can say that there are a lot of second-hand shops here that sells authentic handbags such as Milan Station, Paris Station, etc. You can see them everywhere on Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. Sometimes, I can see brand new Chanels (even the latest lines, in Gold and Silver Flaps) on Milan Station (I saw it the last time I got there last week) and it sells around 10,000 HKD (not quite sure!), and also, if you're really good in bargaining, you can get it for a lower price! And if your item is proven not authentic, they guarantee you a money back. I hope my info is enough for you! Here are some sites of authentic sellers here in HK..

    ¦ÌÄõ¯¸ -- º¡¨¬...°l¨DµL­­
    UK2.NET - FREE .co.uk and .com domains

    and a lot, lot more! enjoy shopping!
  11. I've actually heard that those kinda shops sometimes sell fakes....as for the gold and silver reissues...saw them there for selling at a huge markup...in fact, the vinyl cabas was selling for about USD3000! outrageous!
  12. welcome to HK, a true shopping paradise.. :yahoo:

    as far as for the price of last week

    PST - HK $9800
    GST - HK$14500 (sth around this)
    medium caviar flap - HK$13900
    Large caviar flap - i guess several hundreds more than medium
    baby cabas - all sold out according to SA, wait list for denim cabas are closed too :sad:

    price has been increased since last Nov, i don't foresee any increase in coming months..
  13. if you view the threads on Another Chanel in Hong Kong and Prices for 2007 Classic Flaps , you will see the prices in London and the price of a large / medium caviar flap in HK in December 06. However, not sure if the price has increased since then. Paris is definitely the cheapest place, around 10% cheaper than UK, London might be another option to get cheaper Chanel because when you shop in Europe as a non European citizen, you can claim around 10% tax refund. Therefore, prices will be even cheaper.
  14. thanks for all the price info billbill.. i think it is pretty much the same after i do the price adjustment to US dollars.. (i used 7.7, cuz that's what i usually see when i go to HK). But, i'm still going to take a look-see in those chanel shops, just in case :p
  15. i will definitely be visiting milan station as my friends have mentioned it to me too. i hope i find a vintage goodie~ :yes: though i am a little worried, because i've heard on tpf that others have bought fakes before?!